Best Fishing Scissors – Buyers Guide & Essential Tips On How To Use Them

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  • Every angler needs to have a pair of scissors in their tackle box
  • Learn why you need scissors and how to use them correctly
  • What are the best fishing scissors you can buy

Scissors are such a simple tool. Fishing without them can be an extremely frustrating time and sometimes impossible.

When you are fishing, numerous tasks will require some sort of cutting. A fishing knife will help you, but scissors are the ultimate tool you will need in your tackle box! 

In this article, I will cover all the important criteria regarding scissors as part of your fishing tackle.

My Best Two Fishing Scissors 

  • Rapala Super Line Scissors (My Best Overall Pick!)
  • SAMSFX Heavy Duty Fishing Scissors (My Best Allround Pick!)

How and Where are Fishing Scissors Used?

There are a lot of tasks that I use a pair of scissors for while fishing. The obvious one is cutting your line! This can be due to having a tangle on your line, cutting tag ends, or simply cutting off a piece of fluorocarbon leader. They are also awesome for cutting various shrink tubing, foams, and rubbers used in carp fishing. Apart from cutting the line, scissors are very handy for some other baiting tasks.

Preparing live or dead bait for presentation on the hook can be a frustrating job without scissors. This especially goes for fishing with dead fish! Preparing dead fish with a good pair of scissors is so simple, whether you need to make cut bait, or just cut the fins from a fish. They are also quite good for gutting the fish!

It is important to remember, that fishing scissors are usually made as a rather finesse tool. Do not try cutting a steel leader with them! If they are not specifically made for that, you will damage them! Also, be sure that you are cutting the braid with scissors made for cutting the braid. Otherwise, you will have a very hard time finishing the task. 

What Fishing Scissors are the Best to Buy?

I have misplaced scissors a few times during my years of fishing. Eventually, scissors need replacing but I always go back to the same two choices. Now, here are the 2 models of scissors I personally use and would recommend to every angler:

Rapala Super Line Scissors (My Best Overall Pick!)


Material: Made of Stainless Steel

Length: 12 cm

Blade type: Serrated

Thumbholes: Oversized 

Handles: Molded plastic

Colours: Black/Silver

I love these Rapala super line scissors! First of all, they are excellent value for money and secondly they cover all the basic needs that I have explained earlier.

Make sure when cutting braid that the cutting surface is the serrated portion. Do Not use the tip end as it will not cut braided line. Use the tip for snipping off monofilament or Fluorocarbon lines.

I can easily fit them in my fishing vest pocket, they cut braid like butter! Due to their oversized thumbholes, they are perfect when wearing gloves. This makes using them in the winter months, so very easy. They are overall a perfect tool for fishing. I use them for everything, and they have never let me down!

SAMSFX Heavy Duty Fishing Scissors (My Best Allround Pick!)


Material: Made of Stainless Steel

Length: 14 cm

Blade type: Serrated

Thumbholes: Normal size

Handles: Polypropylene

Colours: Green / Orange (Common OR Enlarged Finger Hole) OR Red (Common finger hole)  

These scissors are made as an all-around solution for any cutting task you will encounter. Best suited for larger heavier fishing situations. They are made from 420 stainless steel and can cut through braid, steel leader or any kind of bait.

They come with a sheath, which can be attached to a wader belt, fly vest and backpack which makes transporting much easier! 

SAMSFX Fishing Heavy Duty Scissors come in two different options. Make sure you buy the enlarged finger hole (Orange or Green) version. The thumb holes on the normal version are rather smaller than I would prefer.

Overall, they are more expensive than the Rapala but have great value due to their versatile uses and heavy-duty uses and construction!

Why Use Fishing Scissors Instead of Standard Scissors?

I am sure this question is often asked. But let’s be honest: your normal kitchen scissors will make an awful job if used as dedicated fishing scissors!

For starters, they will often rust when exposed to outdoor conditions for a prolonged period. Second, they are not made to cut through the materials that we use for fishing. Sure, the scissors you have in your kitchen will make a good job when cutting fabric. But have you tried cutting braided fishing line?

Feel free to try! It is incredibly frustrating, and sometimes near impossible. Dyneema braid is tough and slippery, and will just bend under shears, showing only slight damage. 

Tip: Leaders made from steel should only be cut with a sharp pair of cutters/pliers.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Scissors?

Firstly, you need to know for what purpose are you buying fishing scissors. Are they for use in freshwater or saltwater? Will you cut mono or braid? Where will you carry them?


If you are fishing in freshwater, it does not matter what material scissors are made of. But if you are fishing in saltwater, you can only use scissors made from stainless steel! Be sure to double-check when buying, scissors will rust in a saltwater environment.

Also, be sure to buy scissors with rubberized thumbholes. Cheap plastic and metal holes are slippery, and it is possible to lose your scissors while operating them with wet hands. An anti-slip surface is a must!


As I have already written, there are a lot of scissors that will have problems cutting through braid. If you are buying scissors and plan to cut braided line, always choose the ones with serrated blades; they have a better grip, and will finish the task much cleaner, faster and better!


It is not the same if you plan to put scissors in your backpack, your tackle box, or your fishing vest. Ideal scissors should be small enough to be carried in a pocket! But if you need scissors for cutting sardines on a boat, storage is not an important factor, and you will need bigger scissors.

Final Thoughts

Both of these scissors will do a great job, just be sure to wipe them clean after use and they will last a long time. Scissors are invaluable for a fisherman every time we go fishing. 

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Denis Savretic