VIXYN Fly Fishing Waist Pack Review: A Buyers Guide

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VIXYN Fly Fishing Waist Pack Review: A Buyers Guide
Our Verdict
The VIXYN Fly Fishing Waist pack isn’t flashy. It has a nice color, isn’t too large, and is durable enough for the angler looking to move quite a bit through the fishing day. You can pack it tight into a backpack or leave it in your truck after a long day in the water and it’s going to stay in great shape! 
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Great all round bag
Nice waist straps allows versatility
Good latches
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No water bottle holder
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Deciding on proper fly fishing accessories seems to be an endless cycle. There is nowhere near as much information on accessories as there is on rods and reels. Accessory options seem to be almost endless with each high-profile fishing company providing something they claim is better. 

In this article, I will review the VIXYN Fly Fishing Waist Pack, which is my personal recommendation that I use for every fly fishing trip.  

The VIXYN Fly Fishing Fanny Pack offers anglers just about everything you would need for a day on the water. It’s reliable, dependable, and a great affordable choice.

In this article, I will cover: 

  • VIXYN Fly Fishing Waist Pack Features & Specs
    • Build Quality
    • Accessibility
    • Main Compartment
    • Fly Storage Compartment
    • Other Storage
    • Straps
  • Overall Thoughts
    • Pros
    • Cons

VIXYN Fly Fishing Waist Pack Features & Specs 

VIXYN does a nice job catering to fly anglers with this pack. The specific pockets, materials used, and overall design have what most fly anglers need in a fanny pack. It’s not just a basic fishing pack! 

Build Quality

The VIXYN Fly Fishing Pack is made out of nylon and mesh. The mesh is durable and the nylon has proven to not rip despite flies getting stuck in it. Also, it can handle travel through thick brush. For how lightweight it is, you won’t have to worry about how it’s going to hold up during your day on the water. 

The straps are made with a nice amount of padding as well as nylon. They’re not bulky or cumbersome, but they’re enough to stay comfortable and keep things tightly cinched. 


Fly fishing packs must be easily accessible. Whether you’re in the midst of a hatch or you’re sight fishing and need a quick fly change, there’s no time to waste digging around in the pack for the necessary tools. The VIXYN Fly Fishing Waist Pack has five outer pockets that are perfect for storage. As long as you’re able to stay organized, the pack has room for you. 

Main Compartment 

The main compartment of the VIXYN pack is able to hold the most equipment. Within this pack, there are two storage pouches, a divider, and a zippered pocket. The storage pouches are perfect places to store fly dressings or other small items. 

The zippered pouch can hold your leader and tippets. The organization within the main compartment is a rarity for fly fishing packs. Usually, the main compartment of fly packs is wide open and it’s quite easy to lose things. Floatant, indicators, a small towel, and even some candy or snacks could be placed inside.

There is room for two or three full-size fly boxes and even a spare reel if necessary. It’s a surprisingly large pocket that you wouldn’t think would hold as much equipment as it does. While it may take a bit of organizing, you’ll be surprised at what you can find.. As long as you’re not a heavy packer, you should have no problem fitting everything you would need.

Tip: The velcro foam patches easily store and give good access to your flies which are included with each waist pack.

Fly Storage Compartment 

Near the front of the pack is a slightly smaller compartment, but it’s the best aspect of the pack. You’ll find a pocket that folds and opens like a mouth. On the front side of the compartment are velcroed fly patches. These patches have plenty of room for flies so you can change in and out as you’re fishing. Anglers are well aware of the annoyance of trying to perfectly place your fly back in your box while on the water. Place it on one of these patches and you’re good to go. 

Plus, since it folds out, you’ll have an easy way of looking at your flies and seeing which one you might want to use. 

Within this compartment, you also have another smaller zippered pocket. The zippered pocket is perfect for leaders or other smaller items that you would like to keep next to your flies. 

Minor Pockets

The other three pockets on the VIXYN pack are a bit smaller and perfect for valuables or other accessories. Two of the pockets are located on the straps and can hold your keys, wallet or any other valuables you may bring with you on the water. 

The final pocket is located on the very front of the pack. This is a perfect place to keep your fishing license. It’s easy to misplace licenses, so go ahead and put it in this pocket.


The straps are unique on this pack. You have both a chance to attach it to your waist as well as keep it around your neck and turn it into a chest pack. If you’re wearing waders and using this pack, it’s not a bad idea to turn it into a chest pack, especially if you’re wading in higher water. 

On the back of the next strap, there is a loop that you can hook a net into. Storing a net can be an issue on many other types of fly fishing packs, but VIXYN provides an option for you to attach if necessary.

Overall Thoughts

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I am all kitted out here including my Vixyn Fly Fishing Pack

If you’re in business for a new pack and aren’t wanting to spend upwards of $100, the VIXYN pack is for you. It’s functional, not too large, and will help you make the most of your fishing experience. It is half the price of most other waist packs, so it’s extremely affordable, and great value for money!


One of the best features of this pack is that you should have no trouble being organized. There is a pocket or pouch in this pack for just about everything you would need. As long as you’re willing to stay organized, you won’t have any trouble with this pack. 

Another awesome feature is the retractable leashes on the front of the pack. The retractable leashes are great for your nippers or your forceps. They’re very easy to access, and you won’t ever have to worry about where you might have placed them when you’re ready to release your next fish.

The straps on the waist are one of the best features of the pack. Not only are they extremely long so they can fit a variety of sizes of people, but they’re also comfortable. If you’re a smaller person, this pack won’t fall down on you. If you’re on the larger side, you have plenty of room to work with to help it fit you. 


One thing the pack is missing is a water bottle holder. If you’re planning on spending a full day on the water and you can only bring this pack, you’ll be missing a spot to place a bottle.

You could hang a bottle from the pack on a carabiner if you would like, but it would definitely be uncomfortable. One small water bottle pouch on the side of the pack would complete the pack.

Another aspect of the pack that causes a bit of annoyance is the leashes that hold the nippers and forceps. These can get stuck and not fully retract once you’re done using the tools that are attached. The tools would hang lower than the pack and get stuck on things as you’re moving around. It’s no deal-breaker, but it is a noticeable feature.


The VIXYN Fly Fishing Waist pack isn’t flashy. It has a nice color, isn’t too large, and is durable enough for the angler looking to move quite a bit through the day.

You can pack it tight into a backpack or leave it in your truck after a long day in the water and it’s going to stay in great shape! 

I hope this review was informative and helps you make a decision on a great affordable waist pack. 

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