Snowbee 210D Nylon Wadermaster Waders: The Most Reliable Waders?

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Snowbee 210D Nylon Wadermaster Waders: The Most Reliable Waders?
Our Verdict
Wader Quality
Features and accessories
Value for Money
The Good
Very reliable wader with good construction
Has some good additional features incorporated
Has the usual great Snowbee warranty
Well reknowned wader company with expertise
Has chest and thigh options available
The Not So Good
These waders are the Non breathable type

There are some days when you’re going to need a set of extremely warm and durable waders. If you spend quite a bit of time fishing in cold weather areas with day-after-day of challenging conditions, you’re going to be particular with the waders you choose.

The 210 Nylon Wadermaster Waders from Snowbee are for the hard-core angler who doesn’t care if it’s too cold or too challenging. 

Snowbee, a European fly fishing company, is well-known for its waders. They began as a wader only company, but have since worked their way into other types of fly fishing equipment. 

Their waders, however, are still the best fishing product that the company offers today.

In this article, I will cover:

  • Makeup and Material
  • Comfort
  • Features
  • Price 
  • Sizing
  • Are They Worth Buying?
  • Final Thoughts

Makeup and Material Of The 210D Nylon Wadermaster

The Snowbee 210D Nylon Wadermaster waders – Chest option

The Snowbee 210D Nylon Wadermaster Waders are heavy duty. Plus, they’re a bootfoot wader. These waders come with boots, so you don’t have to worry about finding a set of wading boots that pair well with them. This can be a turn off for some anglers, but for those in tough conditions, you know the importance of having a fully-connected set. 

They combined the Wadermaster model with nylon material. The nylon makes these waders a bit lighter compared to what you would find with their previous models. However, the lightness doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance. You can wander amongst thorns, sticks, rocks and any other challenging terrain without a worry. These are meant to take on nature with you. 

They are a PVC-lined material, so they aren’t overly quiet. If you’re looking to make a stealth mission to a tiny mountain stream, you’ll have to be quite careful with how quickly you approach the water. 

The seams on the waders are in ideal positions. They’re on the outsides of the legs and there’s one seam along the crotch from back to front. The seams on the outside of the legs create less of a chance for things to rip. Often, companies will put all sorts of seams along the knee area. With the constant bending, knee seams often fail. Snowbee keeps the seams limited. As long as you’re not stretching the seams with your width, they’ll last.

The single-seam between the crotch prevents any sort of chafing you could experience. These waders are designed to not be intrusive!

Snowbee wants you to be able to move around easily. 

Are The Snowbee Waders Comfortable?

These materials that Snowbee have selected for the 210D waders, results in some slight limitations when using them.

If you’re hoping to spend time fishing on warm weather days, you’ll find that these waders do not breathe. Your body temperature will quickly warm. Keep that in mind before you choose to purchase these. As mentioned earlier, if you’re in a cold-weather area, then you can’t go wrong with these! You can layer underneath, and still be able to move around. 

Also, the boots are surprisingly comfortable. While they aren’t necessarily fleece-lined, they make walking more comfortable than you would think. If you easily get cold feet, you’re going to want to be sure you layer with socks. If you don’t, you’ll feel the water temperature and your toes will freeze. The traction on the boots is going to keep you upright even in the slipperiest of streams. 

Again, these waders are designed to be as minimally intrusive as possible. Get your work done, and you won’t even notice you’re wearing these. 

Features Of The 210D Waders

Due to the minimalist design, there aren’t too many features that you’re going to find on these waders. Thankfully, Snowbee gave you enough pockets and “D” rings to keep your gear stored. 

You’ll have a large, mesh zipped pocket on the front of the waders. You can store fly boxes or any other necessary fishing tools within them. You also have access to two hand-warming pockets. These are fleece lined and a great relief. 

The waders also have two D-rings that allow you to attach a net or any other accessory you find necessary. Many anglers will attach a wading staff to the waders. 

The straps and wading belt are high quality, but not overly intrusive. You’re able to roll the waders down to make them waist waders, and quickly detach the clasps in case of an emergency. If you’re into the more minimalist design, these are great for you. 

210D Wadermaster Options

210D Wadermaster Thigh version

This review is based on the chest version of these waders. If you are looking at a much cheaper option then Snowbee also makes these same waders as a thigh option at half the price.

These thigh version are great if you wade only in shallow waters or want even more freedom to walk around. Obviously, you lose the storage from the chest pockets but these thigh waders can suit those that want a simple version.

Many general coarse anglers do not need the full chest version, so the thigh option is great for those non-fly fishermen.


For around $250, you’ll have yourself a great set of waders. These are going to last you for years and years. The beauty of these waders is that they’re more versatile. If you’re the type to fish, hunt and work in wet areas, then you can justify the cost due to how often you’ll use them. 


Now, the sizing with boot foot waders can get complicated. Sadly, if you have abnormal sized feet for your body type, you might find that the waders don’t fit the greatest. However, if you have somewhat normal feet, then you’ll be fine with how the waders fit. 

Technically, Snowbee sizes these waders by the size of your foot. They offer them in sizes 5-15. As mentioned above, you have almost any size of boot that you would need, but the fit may not be great. The higher the shoe size, the larger the waders are going to be. 

The size 5 shoe starts with a 44” inch chest. The size 14 and 15 shoes have a 50″ inch test. The size 9 has a 47″ inch chest, but there is an option to purchase a 55” inch chest depending on your size. Take a close look at the size chart before you make your purchase. 

Again, if you don’t care about how you’re going to look on the water, then you should be just fine! If you’re wanting a more slim fit, then I wouldn’t purchase them unless you have a shoe size that’s normal to your body type. 

If you want a cleated sole, they’re available in sizes 8-12. These provide them with much extra grip for those slippery surfaces you’re fishing. They also offer a combination felt and rubber sole in sizes 5-14. These are great for those more diverse rivers that you might fish. 

210D Nylon Wadermaster Waders – Are They Worth Buying? 

If reliability is at the top of your list over everything, purchase these waders. They perform extremely well for the minimalist design that you’ll find. They aren’t flashy, but they are made more for the working man or woman.

It takes some time getting used to boot foot waders, but there is something nice about not having to worry about keeping track of wading boots or replacing them once they wear. 

If the boots on these waders wear, you may have to purchase a new pair, but you may also be able to purchase boot covers to make things a bit more grippy. You can absolutely trust Snowbee with their waders! 

If you aren’t satisfied, they’ll be sure to help you in any way they can. 

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was useful and informative. These Snowbee 210D Nylon Wadermaster Waders are very reliable and at reasonable pricing. 

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