Best Cold Weather Fishing Gloves: KastKing Mountain Mist Review

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KastKing Mountain Mist winter Fishing Gloves
Best Cold Weather Fishing Gloves: KastKing Mountain Mist Review
Our Verdict
KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves are an affordable cold weather pair of gloves with some great features. Whilst I do not recommend these for ice fishing when the temperatures really get low, they are certainly very useful due to the removable fingertip design. Anglers need the flexibility to quickly put bait on the hook and adjust their rigs and at the same time keep hands warm.
Value For Money
The Good
Easy to remove and replace the finger tips areas
The anti slip palm allows anglers a firm grip on the rod
Affordable entry level cold weather gloves
Great for ability to easily use touch screen devices such as a smartphone
The Not So Good
Not insulated enough for ice fishing uses
Constant pulling of the velco will weaken if over used
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The first thing you feel when fishing in cold weather is that your hands get uncomfortable quickly and feel the chill.

Anglers use their hands all the time, so good hand protection from the cold is key to catching fish and managing your rod and reel. Keeping your hands warm as possible is a big challenge without the right fishing gloves.

Kastking knows anglers well and has one of the best cold-weather fishing gloves on the market. This article will take you through an in-depth review of the Kastking Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves.

KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves Review 

KastKing makes a high-quality winter fishing glove. Since anglers have many different priorities of what works best, KastKing tried to mend all the different types of gloves into one.

These KastKing Mountain Mist gloves have full fingers on the pinky and fourth fingers but have foldover fingers on the middle, pointer, and thumb. It’s a great design specifically tailored to anglers.

This exposed finger arrangement is a practical solution for anglers and is perfect for all types of fishing! You can tie your knots, remove fish, and then fold them over when ready to make your casts. 

The anti-slip fleece-lined interior is an important part of these gloves, which definitely keeps the cold at bay. The waterproofed outside covering and the microfiber neoprene palm surface make gripping your rod easy. This combination means you will not worry about hooking up to fish, even if your hands are wet. 

These gloves are ideal for cutting up bait with a fishing knife, and I found that they grip the handle firmly and safely.

When choosing the right size gloves, always remember that you need a snug fit; you still have to feel the rod in your hand and easily do all those dozens of tasks we do during every fishing trip. The velcro adjustable cuff allows you to ensure a tight fit around your wrists.

Once you have worn them a few times, they will get dirty, and the washing process is easy, turn them inside out and put them in your washing machine. The black and grey color scheme with the orange polymer shark skin printed pattern will hold up without any concerns.

I don’t just use these gloves for fishing; they are great for wearing while gardening or clearing snow during the winter. But don’t expect these gloves to be perfect during the real icy minus temperatures. They are great for those colder days when you need to expose and use your fingers quickly for simple jobs and then fold back the thumb and the two fingertip locations. 

At a pretty reasonable price, you’re getting a wonderful set of fishing gloves that meets all the needs of anglers, especially during those extremely freezing fishing days.


  • Anti-slip palm
  • Ease of exposing just your fingertips
  • Waterproof 
  • Four sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large
  • Ability to use touch screen devices without removing them
  • Great for other uses other than just fishing


  • Velcro on the thumb and pointer finger can wear out 
  • Only one design
  • Not insulated enough for ice fishing

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Final Thoughts

If I have one major concern when I go fishing during the wintertime, it is that my hands always feel cold. After using these Kastking mountain mist gloves, the difference is very noticeable. Fishing during those cold days has become much more manageable and enjoyable. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this winter gloves review; you can read more on fishing during the cold weather, including in-depth articles on all the best fishing cold-weather clothing, such as the Striker Ice Predator jacket, that you definitely need when going ice fishing during the cold winter months.

Steve Fitzjohn