Pole Position: 5 Best Pole Rollers For Your Match Fishing Set-up

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A top-quality pole roller is key to your success when fishing with a pole. Being able to ship your pole back and forth easily, especially when using one at 16 meters long, for example, is the only way you will be able to put your bait out and successfully land fish more efficiently. 

In addition, poles are extremely expensive, costing up to £5,000; getting a quality option is paramount to protecting your pole from breakage and normal wear and tear. 

In this article, I will go through the pole rollers which offer the best features, flexibility, and value for money. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why stability and protection are important when shipping in and out.
  • Rollers must be adjustable for various conditions to suit uneven banks or windy conditions.
  • A versatile roller can save money and be used in different fishing positions.

Types Of Pole Roller

What Is A Flat Pole Roller Best Suited For?

A flat pole roller is best suited for providing stability when shipping out a pole during angling. These rollers present a wide target for pushing the pole across, making them stable and generally more secure in windy conditions.

They are particularly useful when you need a sturdy and reliable setup that will keep your pole close to the ground and reduce the risk of damage. Flatbed rollers are a popular first choice among anglers for competitive fishing matches and general use.

What Is A V Pole Roller Best Suited For?

A V pole roller is best suited for situations where you might need a bit more height, such as when dealing with uneven bankside terrain. They can be particularly useful to keep your pole elevated above ground obstructions such as bushes and hedgerows.

However, it is important to note that some V roller designs can be unsteady in the wind, and there is a risk that poles can blow off them and break. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure they are secured properly to the ground to prevent pole damage due to toppling over.

How To Choose The Right Pole Roller?

Choosing the right pole rollers is not so simple. Each venue requires a different setup due to the space available, the angle of the bank, and how long your pole is.

If you fish a wide range of venues where pegs vary a lot, or you fish lakes, canals, and rivers, then go for a flatbed roller; these are the most versatile and probably what you will end up using the most, especially if you fish at several match fishing venues over the country.

They have a wider target position to ship the pole back and sit better in windy conditions. Since the bank height is different for each venue, having the option to adjust the heights is critical. Typically, 1ft 6” to 2ft 6” is the perfect range for fishing on a level bank. 

If your seat box position is high above the water surface or the bank slopes away from behind you, then the roller should be adjusted between 3ft and 5ft. Likewise, if the bank behind you climbs steeply, adjust it to a lower height of around 1ft.

In summary, ensure your pole roller can adjust to a larger range of height settings to avoid getting a bad back or a very uncomfortable fishing session.

A double roller is perfect for those fishing with a 16-metre pole, where you have no choice but to break the pole down into multiple sections when shipping back; this is always a problem where your fishing peg lacks space behind you or when fishing on canals with narrow towpaths.

In some lakes and canals, the area behind you can be limited, and it’s in these cases where the V roller is best suited. The V roller typically has a higher height adjustment and fits in smaller spaces. A deep-cut V like the Preston Innovations Super Pro V Roller is the best choice, as it holds the pole better during strong winds.

So, What Are The Best Pole Rollers? 

Map Dual Pole Roller – My Best Overall Pick! 

The Map Dual Pole Roller is quite new to the market, and it comes with a unique design that features a removable central roller, which means you can use it as a flatbed or double roller. 

The MAP Dual includes several notable features that make it a versatile and practical choice for anglers. Some of its key features are:

  1. Removable Leg System: The four legs are detachable, allowing multiple height setting options. This provides a large range to raise or lower the height to suit differences in swims and pegs on rivers and lakes.
  2. Soft Foam on Main Roller: The durable blue soft foam on the horizontal roller helps to prevent vibration and rig tangles when shipping out your pole.
  3. Use as a Standard Flatbed or Double Roller: The Dual has a patented design where the centre upright roller can be removed, which enables the unit to convert to a standard flatbed or double roller. This dual option gives anglers better flexibility for breaking down sections to support the pole.

These features provide confidence that when you set up the roller, it meets three key factors -stability, versatility, and convenience. The MAP is the best roller to accommodate a range of fishing conditions and locations, making it a great choice for match and pleasure anglers. Priced at around £90, its dual option means you only need one type of roller, saving money on buying a separate flatbed and a double roller.

You can put the removable roller in three positions for multiple options when double shipping out your pole. The main roller also comes with a blue EVA soft foam to reduce vibrations to a minimum while not causing an unwanted rig tangle while shipping your pole out. 

The legs are adjustable and completely removable, meaning you can set up on any terrain and get it level, but it doesn’t come with a spirit level, so you’ll need to guess a bit. 

You can also set up the Map Dual at many different heights, and it comes with a set of standard and short legs, so you can even position it low to the ground. 

The unit weighs under 3.5kg, and the package includes a sturdy carrying case and is super portable as it packs down small. 


  • Works as a flatbed or a double roller 
  • The removable roller can be placed in 3 positions 
  • Soft foam roller for minimal vibrations 
  • Works at ground level with short legs 
  • Legs are removable for use at different heights 


  • No spirit level 


  • Type: Double & Single 
  • Adjustable Legs: Yes 
  • Spirit Level: No 
  • Storage Bag: Yes 

Preston Innovations Inception Flat Roller – My Best Value Pick!

Pole Roller
Preston Innovations Inception Flat Roller – Our Best Value Pick!

The Preston Innovations Inception Flat Roller is a favourite with match competition anglers as it has almost everything you could want from a pole roller. 

This pole roller features fully adjustable legs, so you can use it on multiple terrains and always have it sitting at the right level. In addition to the telescopic legs, you can lay them flat to have the roller at a super low level. To top it all off, this pole roller also comes with a spirit level, so you can be sure it’s always level when set up. 

The vertical rollers are designed to be fixed at an angle, which ensures the pole stays on the roller, even in heavy weather conditions. 

On top of it all, the Inception packs down small and comes with a storage bag, so it is highly portable. It is undoubtedly one of the best pole rollers around when it comes to combining function, quality, and affordability. 

This roller also comes in three size options:

  • Standard: H41 W53cm Extended 64cm (priced around £75)
  • XL:  H51 W68cm Extended 81cm (£85)
  • Super XL: H51 W84cm Extended 81cm (£95)

The XL and Super XL unit comes with three rollers for excellent stability and reliability, and each roller has silent bearings, which are super smooth to make shipping your pole as easy as possible. The standard version only has two end roller arms.


  • Three rollers for reliable stability 
  • Telescopic legs can be individually adjusted 
  • Easy to match the legs to most terrains 
  • Also, works laid flat from low setups 
  • Spirit level to ensure it always level 
  • Silent bearing on the rollers makes shipping easy


  • None I can find 


  • Type: Double 
  • Adjustable Legs: Yes 
  • Spirit Level: Yes 
  • Storage Bag: Yes 

Preston Innovations Super Pro V Roller – My Best V Type Pick!

If you’re looking for a V-type roller, then the Preston Innovations Super Pro V Roller is the one you want to go for, as it is an awesome option and is affordable. Since its release, it has been the number-one-selling V pole roller in the UK.  The Super Pro V is an updated and improved version of the original Pro V launched over 12 years ago.

The tripod legs on this unit are fully adjustable in length/height and angle, too, so no matter the terrain, you will always be able to get this to the right level for effective shipping. The centre pole is also height adjustable, so you can always get the perfect setup for your pole. 

It’s incredibly easy to use as it comes with quick-release clasps, and the drop-down extensions easily slide out. It also folds down easily and is incredibly light and compact, so carrying it around is about as easy as possible. 

The Preston V roller will cost around £95.


  • Very affordable if on a budget 
  • Compact and portable 
  • Height adjustable centre pole 
  • Secure and stable 
  • Adjustable height and angle of the legs 
  • Super light 


  • No spirit level 


  • Type: Single  
  • Adjustable Legs: Yes 
  • Spirit Level: Yes 
  • Storage Bag: Yes 

Matrix Freeflow MKII Standard Roller 

The Matrix Freeflow MKII Standard Roller is another excellent pole roller that makes shipping out a 16-meter pole as easy as possible. 

The legs on this pole roller are adjustable and can be extended to three positions, so you can easily manage steep banks. Each leg also rotates 180 degrees, so you can always level out, and if you need longer legs, you can easily buy extensions separately. 

The yellow rollers come with excellent stainless steel bearings, which ensure a smooth ship every time. Plus, each roller is covered with a thick, soft EVA foam, protecting your pole from scratches and general wear and tear. 

The uprights on the sides ensure your pole stays secure even in heavy weather conditions, and there is even a carabiner clip so you can add weights for more stability. 

To top it all off, the Matrix freeflow packs down small and easily thanks to the quick-release cam locks on each leg, and it packs up small for portability. But, the one thing it is missing is a spirit level. 

The price for the standard option is around £105; the other option available is the Freeflow MKII Double roller with the centre divider, which costs around £110.


  • 180-degree rotating legs 
  • Adjustable leg heights 
  • Easy to set up and pack down 
  • Super smooth EVA rollers 
  • Uprights hold your pole in the wind 
  • Easy to attach weights to the carabiner, included 


  • No spirit level 


  • Type: Single  
  • Adjustable Legs: Yes 
  • Spirit Level: Yes 
  • Storage Bag: Yes 

Tubertini T-Roller Double LRS Pole Roller 

Tubertini pole roller LRS

Another great pole roller on the market is the Tubertini T-Roller Double LRS Pole Roller, designed especially for handling super steep banks. 

The legs are fully adjustable, allowing the front legs to be set long and the back legs to be super small, meaning you can get this pole roller sitting level no matter what terrain you are fishing on. 

The tilting side rollers can be removed using the LRS release buttons for easier transport. The central dividing roller can also be disassembled with a practical interlocking system. The telescopic legs can be changed out with fixed 20 cm legs to position the roller low on the ground, with the optional long legs (90/180 cm telescopic) allowing it to be extended to a greater height or to position it on steep banks by pressing the button system at the top of the legs.

The roller is designed with quality smooth bearings, ensuring silent, smooth shipping back and forth all day.  

It comes with a neat case for portability, and it’s not too heavy either, so it will be easy to get to the bank with the rest of your gear. 

If money is no object, then seriously consider the Tubertini T range. Multiple top European match anglers have used it for many years, and it’s common to see it used in world championships. It’s a quality option, designed in Italy, but rather expensive at around £155!


  • Ideal for steep banks with long legs 
  • Use with front legs extended and back legs short 
  • The pole doesn’t slip off the rollers 
  • Rollers roll very nicely
  • Packs down small 
  • Easy to set up and pack away 


  • No spirit level 
  • Higher price than the other recommendations 


  • Type: Double 
  • Adjustable Legs: Yes 
  • Spirit Level: No 
  • Storage Bag: Yes 

Do I Need A Pole Roller?

Yes, after investing a lot of money in an expensive pole, we must take care of it. Poles are fragile, and pole rollers will protect them from damage while shipping the pole in and out. Also, rollers keep them from lying on the ground where they can be stepped on and broken.

Also, poles can be heavy after a few hours of use. Rollers make using poles much easier to handle and make fishing more efficient, even more so in a match fishing competition. 

Do I Need Two Pole Rollers?

One roller is sufficient if you are fishing with a pole up to 10m long. If your pole is above 10m, you must support the pole weight and length with a front and a rear roller.

If you plan to only fish in the margins, you need only one roller. My 10m Preston Innovations Edge monster margin pole works perfectly with a single front roller.

What Angle Do I Set My Pole Rollers Behind Me?

The best angle is at 30 degrees. Never set them up directly behind you, as you always twist your body to find the roller. At 30 degrees, it’s perfect for finding the roller with a quick glance over your shoulder.

Pole Roller Alternatives, Pole Rests?

There are not many alternatives to a pole roller. Pole rests will not allow you to fish comfortably or efficiently as they cannot carry the weight and length of the pole. These inexpensive bank stick screw-in type rests are not recommended due to their small size and fixed height, and they cannot remain stable. 

Rolling Out 

Thanks very much for reading my article. I hope you found it useful and have found the right pole roller. It’s all about finding one that works for the areas you fish in and making shipping long poles as easy as possible. 

If you haven’t decided on the model you want, I highly recommend the Preston Innovations Inception Flat Roller. It’s a great value, versatile option from one of the leading brands. You won’t find one easier to set up, plus it has all the key features such as a spirit level, fully adjustable legs, and super smooth rollers. It’s also light, compact, and portable.  

If you plan on buying a new pole (or a secondhand one), look at my in-depth article on all the criteria for selecting the right pole when you head to the pole alley.

Check out my in-depth review of the best pole socks on the market, which are essential to pair with your roller to support the front part of your pole.

Steve Fitzjohn