Best Margin Pole Ever For Carp Fishing?

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Preston Edge Monster Margin Pole
Best Margin Pole Ever For Carp Fishing?
Our Verdict
The Preston Innovations Edge Monster Margin pole whilst not the best on the market is definitely the best value for money for its performance and versatility. The perfect margin pole to have in conjunction with your normal long pole.
Value For Money
Build Quality
Weight and Balance
Spares availability
The Good
Great value for money
Perfect for thse margin areas
Ideal for juniors and beginners at pole fishing
Good solid construction
Option for 8.5M or 10M lengths
The Not So Good
Slightly flexible at the tip end

You might think we are being a little bold by reviewing what we think is the best margin pole ever, but we think we have found the right pole to match such claims. 

But what makes a pole the best margin pole ever? 

Well, it’s certainly not choosing the most expensive pole out there! We have been looking for something we can all afford but still deliver across all the performance angles we need on the water. 

Join me, as we take a deep look into the Preston edge monster margin pole in both the 8.5m and 10m length options.

Overview Of Preston Innovations Edge Monster Margin Pole 8.5M

The Preston Innovations Edge Monster Margin Pole has been built to deliver across the board, and yet still comes in at a very affordable price. This is what we love about this margin pole: it provides a chance to fish with the best thanks to the affordable price tag. 

This margin pole is built from top-quality carbon fibre composite materials meaning it has a blend of both carbon fibre and fibreglass. This gives the pole an almost unbreakable build as it has the flexibility of fibreglass with the performance and stiffness of carbon fibre mixed in, too. 

This makes the pole extremely light, weighing just 474 grams, which makes it easy to hold for long periods, and it’s also incredibly strong and durable while not being too stiff or too bendy. You’ll have enough stiffness to set the hook securely, and it provides ample power and flexibility to control a carp over 10lbs from getting into the margins and snagging you.  

It is an incredibly light pole which makes fishing with it a pleasure. You won’t have to lift weights to ship this pole in and out, and it’s an absolute breeze. This means you can fish for longer, not get tired during the day, and always be ready for the last bites of the day. 

With a standard length of 8.5 meters, including the 0.5 meter length mini extension, you can either shorten the pole to perfectly position your pole rig in the margins or use the full length to get your bait into open water. The versatility this gives you is excellent, as you can play the situation as you see it, moving from the margins or to the open water as required. 

This margin pole is very easy to manage as it’s not like holding a broomstick nor is it like holding a bendy pole vaulting pole. Shipping it out is easy as it’s stiff enough to handle, but it’s also bendy enough for you to do some finesse fishing and handle fish. 

The pole has a maximum elastic rating of 20+, but it also works well on the full range of ratings from 6 and 8 (which are perfect for winter fishing and silverfish) through to the more common elastics of 12 to 16, used in the summer months for commercial carp fishing.

It also comes with alignment arrows, which, when the arrows are in line with each other and face upwards along each section towards the sky, the sections are theoretically at their strongest.

The pole is built with Preston’s rolla pulla system, making it almost ready to fish. ( except you will need to add your chosen elastic) The roller pulla bush and PTFE bush are pre-fitted to the top kits.

The pole package comes with 2 top kits. However, being longer than most, they might be a little different from the ones you’re used to, but you’ll get used to them pretty quickly, and they are super effective, too. These power top kits are strong and measure 2.9m (9ft 6ins). This means you will see a small compromise of the tip speed.

With a closed length of 1.72 meters and using a pole holdall, you can easily get this pole from home to the lake or river without any damage. The holdall provided isn’t great, but it does the job and it’s included in the already very affordable price. 

The one downside to this margin pole is that its tip speeds are not the fastest, but they are still fast enough. Remember that this is not a top-of-the-line pole; it’s an affordable pole that delivers across the board, but it’s bound to have a shortcoming or two. 

Overall, it’s obvious to us, and hopefully now to you, that the reason why this is the best margin pole ever is due to its affordability combined with its performance. This makes it a great choice for all anglers to purchase. The Edge Monster has been the best margin pole in its category for the past four years and is likely to continue this accolade as the best pole for 2024 and beyond!

It’s also a reliable pole that is easy to use, will get your bait where it needs to be, handle any size fish you hook, and, with some care will probably last forever.  


  • Super strong and can handle big carp 
  • Ideal length or margins and open water 
  • Easy to build with alignment arrows 
  • A pre-fitted Roller Pulla system makes it easy to add elastic
  • Very affordable for the quality 
  • Durable, long-lasting, and won’t break 
  • Very light for easy shipping in and out


  • Not the fastest tip speeds 


Length: 8.5 meters (See options below on the 10m version)

Material: Carbon fibre composite 

Weight: 474 grams 

Closed Length: 1.72 meters 

Elastic Rating: 20+

Spare Power Top Kit: Yes x 2 

Pole Holdall: Yes

Mini Extension

PTFE bush fitted Roller Pulla Bush

Preston Innovations Edge Monster Margin Pole 10M

The original Edge Monster was launched to the market in late 2018 and was only available at 8.5 meters long. Since then, it has received very good reviews and feedback on its overall performance.

In early 2020, Preston decided to release a 10m version of the edge monster. This decision was due to many requests from the fishing community, asking whether Preston would bring out a slightly longer version of the 8.5 meter length pole.

Anglers’ feedback was that they wanted a little extra reach to fish close to the next platform on commercial carp fisheries. Hence, the additional 1.5M length option was added to the range.

The only difference between the 8.5M and the 10M is that Preston made the all-around stiffness slightly stiffer to compensate for the added weight of the extra 1.5m butt section length.

For any existing 8.5m owners, you can purchase an additional butt section so you can extend to the 10M length without buying another pole.

Spares & Top Kits For The Edge Monster Pole

Due to the popularity of the edge monster, getting spare parts is very easy compared to many other poles. Most sections are available in most online stores, along with additional top kits. Another plus point is that the ProType top kits are fully compatible with the Edge Monster if you cannot find the original power top kit.

Why Buy A Margin Pole?

The first poles I used were always 14 meters and above, giving me a pole for multiple fishing styles. It gave me options to fish long and short for the margin areas. However, being a match fisherman, I always found the need to fish in the margins, usually in the last two hours of a match. 

However, when reducing sections on long poles to around 8M, I found my pole wasn’t responding the same. It didn’t have the balance or the power to handle the large carp in the margins. It was then that I decided to buy the Edge Monster purely as a pole for short-distance fishing.

You can learn more about fishing in the margins with all the tips, best rigs, and baits for catching carp right under your feet.

Balance, in conjunction with the overall weight, is key to choosing and using poles. If you fish for several hours with a pole that is not balanced, it can be extremely uncomfortable. The edge monster has a great balance at around 8 meters, whereas using my 14 meter pole with fewer sections became tiring after several hours.

Poles are expensive! However, having two poles for different purposes expanded my fishing options and certainly helped me get more fish in matches. I also do a lot of pleasure fishing on commercials for carp, this margin pole gets a lot of use if I am freelining or fishing right under my feet in a foot or two of water.

Poling Out 

Thanks very much for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it and it gives you all the information you need, to go out and buy the Preston Edge Monster Margin pole.

There are many factors in choosing the best pole, and you can read my detailed breakdown review on all the correct buying criteria for poles so you don’t make the wrong buying choice. Also, why not check out my guide on the five best pole rollers with in-depth tips on setting them up correctly on the bank.

Steve Fitzjohn