Maxima’s Top 5 Fishing Lines: Unveiling The Best Picks For Anglers

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Maxima simply makes excellent quality fishing lines that we anglers can rely on. The strength and reliability of their lines are pretty much unmatched but which Maxima fishing line is the right choice for you? 

In this Maxima fishing line review, we are going to look at the top 5 fishing lines from Maxima covering mono to fluoro, and braid so you can find the best Maxima fishing line to spool onto your reels. 

Our Best 5 Maxima Fishing Lines 

  • Maxima Chameleon 
  • Maxima Ultragreen
  • Maxima Fluorocarbon 
  • Maxima Braid 8
  • Maxima Tuna Blue 

Maxima Chameleon 

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The first Maxima fishing line we are going to take a look at is the Maxima Chameleon. This line is designed to be supple, and fish baits naturally across all environments and conditions. 

It is, however, best used in freshwater fishing and is often a choice for anyone who wants a monofilament leader with low visibility that presents bait well. 

Chameleon is described as the strongest line in its class, and this is very much the case when tested, too. It is incredibly strong and has a ton of stretch, allowing you to put a huge amount of pressure on fish, even with a lighter breaking strain. 

The line also comes with a hardened surface which provides excellent abrasion resistance meaning it can handle snags with ease and won’t break after a few little nicks. The coating also stops the line absorbing water and thus ensures better durability too! 

To top it all off, this line has great knot strength, it is easy to tie with, has a low memory for reduced tangles, and is almost invisible to fish in the water. The only con is that it can be a little too stretchy for some anglers which reduces bite sensitivity. 


  • Incredible strength that Maxima is known for 
  • Very stretchy to aid in fighting big fish 
  • Awesome abrasion resistance 
  • Super reliable and very high knot strength 
  • Soft and easy to tie with 
  • A hardened surface stops water absorption for durability 
  • Very low visibility 
  • Quite affordable 


  • Some find it a little too stretchy 


Type: Monofilament 

Colors: One (Brown) 

Breaking Strains: 1-40 lbs 

Diameter: 0.013” (12 lbs)

Spool length: 220 to 280 yards depending on breaking strain

Maxima Ultragreen 

Maxima Ultragreen is an excellent choice for anyone looking for some unbreakable mono to spool their reels with. 

It is an awesome all-around line that is good for use in all environments and across all species too, so long as a max of 40 lb breaking strain is needed (plus a bit more as it is Maxima). 

This line features an extremely hard core, which puts its abrasion resistance off the charts and its general durability is quite incredible too. This is a fishing line that will last longer than most of your others. 

The hard coating does make this a stiff line, though which some people don’t enjoy but others love. Stiff lines can be hard to tie knots with but they have a low memory and sit straight most of the time! 

The general strength and knot strength of the line are excellent and it is a low-visibility line that is close to invisible to fish, so you won’t be spooking any line-shy creatures. 

The main downside to this Maxima line is that it has a large diameter which makes it a bit more visible and takes up extra space when you spool a new line onto your reel spool. 

Overall, it is an awesome general-purpose line that is tougher and stronger than most others! Ultragreen and Chameleon line manufacturers recommended prices are identical.


  • Great all-around line 
  • Works for all species and environments 
  • Incredibly strong when tested 
  • Awesome knot strength 
  • Hard abrasion resistance and tough finish 
  • Very low visibility 
  • Easy to tie with 
  • Won’t break easily or at all 


  • Larger diameter 


Type: Monofilament 

Colors: Green 

Breaking Strains: 1 – 40 lbs 

Diameter: 0.013” (12 lbs)

Spool length: 220 to 280 yards depending on the breaking strain

Maxima Fluorocarbon 

Everyone has to have some fluorocarbon in their arsenal these days as there is no other line type in the world that is actually near to 100% invisible to fish apart from fluoro. 

For all those fly fishermen and braid fishermen out there, adding a top piece of fluorocarbon leader or tippet really changes the game. But, what makes Maxima fluorocarbon so good? 

You guessed it, Maxima Fluorocarbon is pretty much as strong as fluorocarbon can be in its class. It has a fish-holding ability that I have seen proven many times. Whilst fishing in the Seychelles as a saltwater guide, I witnessed a 100lb fluoro break on a tarpon then we changed to Maxima 80lb fluoro, hooked an even bigger tarpon, and it didn’t budge. 

Maxima fluorocarbon is, of course, invisible in the water so line-shy fish can’t see it. In clear waters on the flats, this is critical, It features a UV coating that stops it from degrading in the sunlight, awesome abrasion resistance that lasts through snag-filled fights, a low memory for better retrieves, and it has awesome knot strength too. 

One massive bonus is that this line also comes with enhanced bite sensitivity so you can pick up the more subtle touches and hook more fish! Overall, it is the best fluorocarbon around in my eyes. 


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • UV coating prevents it from degrading fast 
  • 100% invisible to fish 
  • Super strong in a fight 
  • Doesn’t break on snags
  • Enhanced bite sensitivity 
  • Low memory 
  • Awesome knot strength 


  • Quite expensive 


Type: Fluorocarbon 

Colors: Clear 

Breaking Strains: 2 – 40 lbs 

Diameter: 0.013” (12 lbs)

Spool length: 200 yards 

Maxima Braid 8

For those of you who like to fish with braid, have you discovered Maxima Braid 8? It might just change the game for you. 

Maxima Braid 8 is made using an 8-yarn construction that weaves these fibers exceptionally tight and in a very round fashion. The tightness ensures strength and reduced diameter while the roundness provides excellent smoothness making it a pleasure to fish with. 

Once woven, the braid is sealed with a Triple Coating Treatment (TCT) which ensures it runs smoothly off your reel, makes the braid very abrasion resistant, and provides amazing castability too. 

As with all braided lines, there is zero stretch in Maxima Braid 8 and it comes with a very thin diameter. You can take full control of a fish in the fight, load a ton of it on your spool, and the bite sensitivity is the best around. 

Maxima Braid 8 is also pre-stretched and heat-fixed and this is a very important step many other brands overlook. If this is not done, the braid will stretch out and become weak, lacking durability. 

As with all braided lines, it is quite an expensive fishing line though but it is worth it if you like to fish with the best braid around! 


  • Very round braided line 
  • Super smooth to fish with 
  • Strong 8-yarn construction 
  • Incredibly tough Triple Coating Treatment
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Great castability 
  • Pre-stretched and heat-fixed
  • Ultimate sensitivity 


  • Quite an expensive line option


Type: Braid

Colors: Green/ Hi-Viz Yellow 

Breaking Strains: 10-80 lb 

Diameter: 0.013” (50 lbs) 

Spool length: 150 or 300 yards spool options

Maxima Tuna Blue 

For all your offshore fishermen out there who like to roll the dice with 1000 lb marlin, giant bluefin tunas, and big swords, Maxima Tuna Blue might be the line you have been looking for. 

Offshore fishing asks the most of fishing gear as it not only needs to be able to handle the power of some of the biggest sport fish in the sea but also the shocking amount of impact these creatures afflict on their prey. 

If you have ever heard a 100 kg tuna or a 600 lb tuna pull a line out of an outrigger clip, you will know what I mean. The sheer impact and sound made when they eat a bait sound as if they have literally broken the boat! 

Now imagine being the line holding connected to that! That is what Maxima Tuna Blue is for. 

This line is packed full of amazing strength, durability, and top of shock absorbing qualities to handle the hits of huge pelagics. It doesn’t stop there though, as abrasion resistance against sandpaper skin and sharp teeth is another thing it can handle with ease.  

If you are looking for a line to chase the biggest offshore species in the ocean with, Maxima Tuna Blue is the one for the job. It does have a bit of a chunky diameter though so use it as the first 150 yards of top shot and put Maxima Braid 8 underneath it!  


  • Great for offshore fishing 
  • Amazing stretch and shock resistance 
  • Incredible durability and strength 
  • Awesome abrasion resistance 
  • Built for the biggest fish in the ocean 
  • Will not fail your expectations 


  • Relatively thick diameter 


Type: Monofilament 

Colors: Blue 

Breaking Strains: 6 – 50 lbs 

Diameter: 0.028” (50 lbs) 

Spool length: 300 to 600 yards depending on the breaking strain

If you use thicker and strong fishing lines the best way to cut them efficiently is to use the Maxima SharkTooth Line cutter. It cuts cleaner than using scissors and also incorporates a line management retainer system that keeps any unused line from unspooling in your tackle box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maxima Fishing Line Any Good?

Maxima makes some of the best quality and most reliable fishing lines in the world, without a doubt! If you ask any angler who has used a ton of different lines, then Maxima will be in their top 2 or 3 lines ever, every time! 

Where Is Maxima Line Made?

Maxima line is manufactured in Geretsried, Germany, less than 1 hour south of Munich. Maxima also has a distribution center based in Hillsboro, Oregon to support the United States market.

Does Maxima Sell Leader Wheels And Leader Coils?

Yes, Maxima sells Ultragreen, Chameleon, and fluorocarbon ranges in leader and coil wheels. The spool length for these is 27 yards long. 

Does Maxima Sell Service Spools?

Yes, Maxima sells Ultragreen, Chameleon, and Tuna Blue ranges in large service spools. The spool length for these is between 660 to 3300 yards long depending on the breaking strain chosen. 

Lining Out 

Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it, and have learned all about this excellent wide range of fishing lines. Maxima has proven to be a superb fishing line for every type of angler.

Maxima truly does make some of the most reliable and strongest lines on the market and are well worth trying out if you haven’t already done so. 

Please share the article with your fishing buddies and why not take a look at some of our other articles on various fishing line and braid here, including tips and selections! 

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