How To Get A Fishing License At Walmart

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Convenience is key when preparing for a fishing trip. Taking time to gather gear, food and a fishing license can take away from your time on the water. 

There are few stores as convenient as Walmart when it comes to preparing for a fishing trip. You can purchase legitimate fishing licenses, food, and even fishing supplies. The fishing license process is easy and extremely convenient! 

In this article, we will cover: 

  • How To Get a Fishing License At Walmart (Step-by-Step Process)
  • Why Get a Fishing License at Walmart 
  • Types of Fishing Licenses at Walmart 
  • How Much Does A Fishing License Cost At Walmart
  • FAQs about Walmart Fishing Licenses 

Step By Step Guide To Get A Fishing License At Walmart 

walmart fishing license 1
Head for the Walmart sports department for your fishing license

Purchasing a fishing license at Walmart doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Depending on the state you’re fishing, you can use a kiosk or computer in the store to make your purchase or speak with a representative in the sporting goods department. 

  1. The first thing to do is make sure you have a valid ID and proof of residency. Even if you’re out of state, you’re able to purchase a fishing license at your local Walmart. As long as you have an ID and something with your official address, you’re good to go. 
  2. Head to the sporting goods department! Here, check if there’s a computer with a sign that says “Licenses” or speak with a representative and they’ll get you started. 
  3. If you’ve never purchased a license in that state before, you’ll have to fill out the information on a form or make an account on the Game and Fish Department website. If you’re new to the state, your best bet is to speak with a representative! This will make everything more efficient and prevent you from running into any issues. Also, make sure you know your social security number! 
  4. Select the type of fishing license you would like to purchase. It could be a resident or non-resident, saltwater, etc. You can also select a duration! 
  5. Pay the required fee, and receive the print-out license and the local regulations! 
  6. You’re good to go! 

Be aware that some states may require a printed license and others only require a digital license. To be safe, see if you can get the license printed! If it’s not necessary, the representative will let you know. 

Why Get a Fishing License at Walmart 

walmart fishing gear
While you are at Walmart getting your license, stock up on fishing supplies!

There are a variety of reasons to purchase a fishing license at Walmart! 

It’s More Convenient

If you’ve spent any time searching government websites for fishing license information, you’re well aware of the frustrations it can cause. You have to make an account, know all of your ID numbers, etc. If you forget any of your login information, you have to call the state and get all of your information! It’s an absolute hassle that can cause trips to be delayed if it’s not taken care of during the business week. 

You Can Speak With A Representative

Walmart helps you move past all of these frustrations. If you’re a first-time buyer, they’ll help you with all of the account creation processes. If you’re a repeat buyer and have forgotten all of your information, they’ll still help you get your license. Having someone to speak with and talk you through your questions makes life quite a bit easier. 

You’re Able to Print Your License Immediately

If you’re in a state that requires printed licenses, then Walmart makes life way easier. Many people don’t have printers at home, so being able to immediately get your license makes life far easier. 

You Can Get Other Supplies You Need

Whether it’s a bottle of Coleman propane or a package of trail mix, Walmart has most outdoor supplies you would need. They even sell live bait if you’re needing that for your next fishing trip! The conveniences are hard to beat. 

If you’re new to the world of fishing, Walmart does sell rods and reels that you can use. Depending on who you talk to, they won’t recommend the equipment for experienced anglers, but if you’re new to angling, they can help you out with any questions that you have. 

Types of Fishing Licenses at Walmart

Any license that the state you’re fishing in offers on their website should be available in Walmart. Since they’re a verified license dealer, the Game and Fish Department allows them to sell anything that they could get on the Game and Fish website. 

Most states offer a daily license, multi-day license, and annual license. These can vary for non-residents and residents, but this is the general rule of thumb for most states in the United States. 

Also, they’ll sell things like trout stamps or other special requirements that you may need to get out on the water. 

Walmarts are especially helpful in areas that receive a lot of anglers. States like Wyoming or Montana see thousands of anglers every year, so the Walmarts are well-aware of the exact things anglers need. If you’re in an area where fishing isn’t as high of a priority, it may take time to answer all your questions, so keep that in mind. 

How Much Does A Walmart Fishing License Cost?

Now, Walmarts do charge a small processing fee on top of the cost of the license. They will not boost the prices on the standard license, but that fee is a small percentage they add on top to make them extra money. Every single license retailer you visit will do the same thing! You’ll even find that the Game and Fish Department website will charge a small processing fee as well. 

The price of licenses heavily depends on the state you’re fishing. For example, an annual non-resident angling license in Montana is going to cost you around $90. 

In Wisconsin, a non-resident annual fishing license is $50. 

You can easily check your local game and fish department website before you go to Walmart to make your purchase! The only thing to be aware of is that they may add a bit extra on the purchase for the processing fee. 

FAQs Walmart Fishing License

What Walmarts Sell Fishing Licenses? 

The general rule of thumb about Walmarts is that almost all of them sell fishing licenses. As long as they have a sporting goods section, you should be able to make the purchase. 

However, if you want to double-check, you can go to your state’s game and fish department website and figure out if your Walmart is an authorized license dealer. This will give you peace of mind before you go. Otherwise, one phone call to the store will tell you! 

Does Everyone Need a Fishing License? 

Generally, if you’re over 16 years old, you need a fishing license. In some states, the age varies, but 16 is fairly standard across the country. If the person fishing is under 16, they likely need to be accompanied by an adult who is a licensed angler.

Again, check with your local state game and fish department to determine exactly what you need. 

Can I Buy a Fishing License Online from Walmart?

Buying a fishing license online from Walmart is not recommended. If you’re going the online route, go through your state’s game and fish department website! This way you know you’re receiving an official license. 

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing a fishing license doesn’t have to be a cumbersome experience. Where online purchases can be frustrating, Walmart gives you peace of mind that everything is going to work well. Visit your local store today, and you’ll be good to go! 

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Daniel Mooers