Striker Ice Predator Jacket: Best Ice Fishing Jacket Ever?

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Striker Ice Predator Jacket: Best Ice Fishing Jacket Ever?
Our Verdict
If you go Ice fishing this is the best overall fishing jacket that you can buy. It's perfect for all aspects of fishing during really cold climates. The quality, features, and complete package are made for fishermen by fishermen. This jacket is going to last a lifetime of use, making it true value for money!
Value For Money
Features Available
The Good
Superb Quality Materials Throughout
Comfortable and warm in any situation
Has flotation capability
Totally waterproof
Great for Ice anglers who need a level of mobility
The Not So Good
A little on the expensive side
Only three color options

Ice fishing has always been popular and growing every year. Having the best cold climate clothes is critical, and if you’re going to be spending time out on the ice, an ice jacket or ice suit is probably the most important.

If you already go ice fishing or spend a lot of time in freezing weather and snow you will have already heard of the quality of Striker products.

In this article, I will go through an in-depth review of the Striker Ice Predator Jacket. I will look at the key features of this ice fishing suit, and also some of the alternative cold weather jacket options that Striker offers.

Striker ICE Predator Jacket: Best Ice Fishing Jacket Ever?

If you are new to Ice fishing, you already have some winter fishing clothing. But owning an ice fishing suit is more unique and specialized outerwear. The StrikerIce predator Jacket is perfect for the angler who is going to spend time in freezing cold weather and needs to stay well protected in the harsh climate. 

This jacket has all the features that you will need out on the ice. It’s waterproof, has a detachable hood, a wearable liner, and very importantly has the breathable capability that will prevent sweat from building up inside the suit, causing body dampness and cold.

The outer shell has optional color choices and is made from 320D nylon to keep you dry. The Hydrapore® waterproof 5,000mm rating is sufficient for most wet days, although not the highest rating that you can buy in an outdoor jacket

Keeping warm is a priority when ice fishing and the 100g weight of Thermadex® insulation inside the jacket really does the job, without being too bulky and difficult to move around easily.

The outside of the jacket has flaps that close securely with the aid of magnets and also some really large outer pockets for keeping a few important fishing accessories at hand. There are pockets inside the jacket if are worried about keeping your keys, phone, and other personal items inside safely.

When you do get rain, snow, or sleet whilst you are fishing, it’s a simple and quick task to raise up the adjustable hood to cover your head. Striker has even added a memory wire visor made of carbon steel and acts as a spring designed to stay in shape with your head. This ensures that you have a perfect fit every time you flip up the hood. In addition, the sleeve cuffs are made from lycra, and the hem around your waist is not going to allow water inside.

You get two carabiner points on each side of the chest and the zips are robust and even have a feature on the zipper pull which you can use to cut your line without retrieving scissors etc from your pockets.

Lastly, from a safety aspect (although not designed to be a lifesaver) the jacket has Strikers “Sureflote” capability which if you ever fell in the water can keep you afloat for up to 120 minutes. On the outside of the jacket, there are reflective strips that will help make you more visible.

I love this high-quality jacket! It is very warm, well made, and practical. It has many good features and in my opinion, has been designed with ice fishermen in mind. My personal recommendation is to couple the predator jacket with the Striker Ice Predator Bib, and you will have the perfect setup for the entire body!

Remember this jacket is going to fit over thermals, and other winter clothes, so order one size larger than you usually do. All Striker wear, including the predator range, comes with a one-year warranty.

This Predator ice fishing jacket is, without a doubt, in my opinion, the Best Ice Fishing Jacket Ever! It is not the top of the range and does not have all the features that some others have, however for overall price, comfort, practicality, and warmth it wins hands down!


  • Removable hood with memory wire visor
  • Excellent Insulation 
  • Flotation assistance if ever you are in trouble
  • Totally Waterproof throughout the complete jacket
  • Breathable due to the cross-flow ventilation capability
  • Lots of features specifically for anglers
  • Best quality materials used throughout


  • Quite expensive 
  • Limited color options 
  • Far Too warm for the milder days

The Predator Jacket is made from the same outer nylon that is on the high-end Striker Ice Climate Jacket.

The Climate jacket has a few additional features. Climate has a removable liner, which can be worn individually without the jacket. The other difference is the additional 75% more thermal insulation material it’s a jacket for those extreme temperatures that you may encounter.

Ice fishing is becoming an even more popular sport!

Frequently Asked Questions – Striker Ice Suits

How Do I Wash And Clean My Striker Ice Jacket

All Striker wear can be machine washed in cold water using a mild detergent. After washing, don’t use any heat to dry the material, just simply hang it for drying.

Is Their A Youth Size Available For The Predator?

Yes, Striker makes a Predator youth size but it has 40% less insulation and does not have the zipper venting function and the magnetic storm flap options.

What Is The Difference Between The Predator And The Hardwater Jackets?

The Hardwater jacket has 150g (50% more) insulation than the predator jacket and also has a different material for the shell. The predator is made from 320D Nylon, and the Hardwater is made from 600D Endura.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, this Striker Ice makes some of the best winter fishing clothing. Striker has created purpose-built, premium, outdoor sporting accessories for everyone, whether you are going ice fishing, boating, hunting, and any winter activities.

No doubt, the features of their range of ice fishing jackets are practical and made of great quality materials.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Striker ice fishing jacket review. Why not check out my other in-depth articles on all the best cold weather fishing gear and accessories here! These cover gloves, insulated thermal layer shirts and pants, socks, and many more.

Daniel Mooers