Ebmore Merino Wool Socks Review: The Best Cold Weather Fishing Socks?

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Ebmore best cold weather fishing socks
Ebmore Merino Wool Socks Review: The Best Cold Weather Fishing Socks?
Our Verdict
Getting the right fishing socks is an arduous task. With so many choices most will just end up buying any pair and hoping for the best. These Ebmore Merino Wool Socks are absolutely super and they do everything any outdoors person needs from a pair of socks. The fit and comfortable feel means you can walk for hours without getting cold feet or blisters.
Ability to keep feet warm
Value For Money
Quality Of Material
Range Of Options/Colors
The Good
Super comfortable for all day use
Extremely thick material
Keeps your feet cozy and warm
Optional sizes, colors, and thicknesses available
Can be worn for multiple outdoor uses
The Not So Good
Too short for using with wellingtons or knee high boots
Highly advisable to hand wash only
No option available for under US 6 size
Check Price

Without a doubt, in my opinion, the Merino wool socks are the best option for cold-weather fishing socks. Not only do they do a great job of keeping moisture off your feet, but they also will keep you comfortable in the coldest temperatures.

It’s frustrating to have to wear two or three pairs of socks on a cold day. One pair of socks will allow your toes to move and keep the circulation flowing regardless of the temperature. You’ll get a set of five for a competitive, attractive price! 

So let us get into the details!

Ebmore Merino Wool Socks Overview

These socks are made from a mixed blend of cotton (25%), polyester(15%), Cashmere/Merino Wool (55%), and spandex (5%). The soft brushed fuzzy inner material design keeps your feet really warm and breathable. The best part I love about these socks is that they feel comfortable all day during fishing and any outdoor winter activities.

With a range of sizes of men’s shoe sizes from US 6 – 12, most can find a great warm and snug fit.

You can get these Ebmore Men’s Merino Wool Socks in various color options and thicknesses:

  • Black – Regular thickness
  • Black – Super thickness
  • Grey – Super thickness 
  • Multicolor light – Regular thickness
  • Multicolor dark – Regular thickness
  • Solid colors – Super thickness

All the options have five pairs in each pack.

The 1” top elastic band holds the socks firmly and prevents them from slipping down during walking. What I love about these winter socks is the comfort in the toe area; they are super comfortable even when I’m wearing them for hours fishing in my ankle boots.

Unfortunately, when I go fishing, these are not long enough for wearing with my favorite wellington boots, as the total length from toe to heel is approximately only 9”. If you are looking for longer pair of warm socks for use with wellies, then check out the socks I use, the RealTree Heavyweight Merino Wool Tall All-Season Boot Socks. Since they are longer and reach the knee, they will prevent chaffing around the knee area.

The width around the calves is sufficient, and they also do not press heavily against your foot areas, so your blood circulation is not affected. 

The only downside to the Ebmore merino socks is during washing. Please don’t put them inside your washing machine! Always wash by hand using cold water as per the instructions. If you use hot water washing, they will degrade over time and won’t be as comfortable or soft as new ones. To dry the socks properly, hang them from the toes (not the open area) to dry out so the socks will not stretch and lose shape.


  • 55% merino wool 
  • Tall enough to stay above high-ankle boots
  • Extremely thick
  • Five pairs in a pack
  • Multiple color options 


  • It can be tight around the calves for some.
  • Best to be hand washed
  • No smaller sizes for women and kids 

Finally, we all tend to get unwanted fishing socks as Christmas presents! But after getting these three years ago and being so impressed, I actually hope that I will get more again this year as a Christmas fishing gift! 

Final Thoughts

What a pair of cold-weather socks! Going fishing or doing any outdoor activities in these super-fitting and comfortable foot areas is a pleasure. 

I hope this review was useful and gave you all the insights into these Ebmore Merino Wool Socks.

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Steve Fitzjohn