Hooked On Success: Top 5 Treble Hooks For Landing Bass, Trout, & Predator Fish

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Sometimes, when you buy a new lure, the treble hooks that come with them just don’t cut it, or you need to replace them after a solid season of use. 

In either case, you will want to buy some backup treble hooks for predator fish that you can rely on to periodically change the ones on your lures so that no matter what fish bites, you can guarantee the hooks won’t fail. 

But, when you look for quality trebles, you can easily become overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices available. Don’t worry. I’ve done the work for you and selected the ones I have used for many years as a fishing guide. 

Best Treble Hooks For Fishing

  • Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hook – My Best Overall Pick
  • Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Series Triple Grip 2/1 Treble Hook – My Best Pick For Large Lures
  • Owner 5636 ST-36 Treble Super Needle Point Hook – My Best Pick For Small Lures
  • Owner American Tournament Trailer Treble – Best Pick For Crankbait & Spoon Lures
  • Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Series Triple Grip Treble Hook – My Best Pick For Predator Fish!

Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hook – My Best Overall Pick

When it comes to quality hook manufacturers, there aren’t many as good as Gamakatsu, and if you ask any fishing guide or skipper worth their salt, they’ll tell you Gamakatsu hooks are all they use. 

The Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hook is built from high-carbon steel, a material most hook manufacturers unfortunately avoid using due to its expense. This material provides an incredibly durable and strong hook that can easily handle saltwater environments and won’t bend under heavy pressure. 

Not only are these hooks extremely reliable, but they are incredibly sharp, and chances are, they are sharper than any other hook you have ever used. If a fish bites these hooks, they will go in quickly, and they’re not coming out either! 

Overall, these are the best treble hooks on the market, in my opinion, and they come in a range of sizes to suit most fishing applications. The sizes might be a little off from what you’re used to, but they will be close enough. 


  • Incredibly durable hook 
  • Will not bend under a lot of pressure 
  • Super sharp for good hookups 
  • Made from top-quality carbon steel 
  • Once hooked, they don’t come out 
  • Natural bronze color doesn’t spook fish
  • Excellent in saltwater 


  • Sizing can be a little off compared to what you’re used to 


Sizes: 1/2/6/8

Material: High Carbon Steel

Color: Bronze 

Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Series Triple Grip 2/1 Treble Hook – My Best Pick For Large Lures

The Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Series Triple Grip 2/1 Treble Hook is made a little differently compared to other treble hooks as they come with two shorter hooks and one extra strong hook.

This design is meant to provide better hookups, and when combined with how sharp these hooks are, they work well. If your lure gets eaten with these hooks, that fish will stick, but this hook can bend under heavy pressure, so don’t tighten your drag too much. 

These are built from a blend of materials using Mustad’s wire technology and the Nor-Tempering process, meaning they are 20% lighter but still quite strong – hence the reason for the tendency to bend if you are very aggressive when landing a powerful fish. 

You can find these hooks in a range of colors, and they will handle saltwater corrosion well, too, but the colored hooks do chip and lose their color quite fast. Therefore, replacements may need to be done more periodically.


  • 2X Short 1X Strong hook for good hookups 
  • Light while being strong 
  • Extremely sharp for solid hookups 
  • Handle saltwater well 


  • Can bend under pressure 
  • Paint can chip off 


Sizes: 1/0 – 8 

Material: Blended 

Color: Nickel/Red 

Owner 5636 ST-36 Treble Super Needle Point Hook – My Best Pick For Small Lures

Owner is known by many as second in quality for hooks just behind Gamakatsu, and their Owner 5636 ST-36 Treble Super Needle Point Hook is pretty fantastic. 

This treble is built from top-quality chrome stainless steel, making it about as tough as hooks get, and it will handle saltwater with ease and a long fight with a fish. 

But these hooks can also bend under pressure, so be careful about how much drag you put against these in the fight. 

The reason so many anglers love these hooks is how sharp they are (and they are super sharp), but it’s not just that; their sharpness lasts too. This means you can guarantee good hookups for multiple trips without having to resharpen your hooks regularly. 

You’ll find these hooks come in a large range of sizes to match your needs, but the sizes run a bit large for some, so be aware of this when ordering. 


  • Super sharp for good hookups
  • Stay sharp for longer than most others 
  • Very durable and strong 
  • Last well in saltwater 
  • There is a large range of sizes to choose from 


  • Sizes run a bit large 
  • Can bend under lots of pressure 


Sizes: 3/0 to 8 

Material: Chrome stainless steel 

Color: Silver

Owner American Tournament Trailer Treble – My Best Pick For Crankbait & Spoon Lures

Another great treble hook is the ​​Owner American Tournament Trailer Treble, which incorporates a feather mylar tail. This makes it the ideal hook to add to a spoon or spinner as the feathers and mylar look like the tail of a baitfish to predators. 

The feather/mylar tail also comes in an excellent range of fishy color options, including white, white/chartreuse, and white/red. 

The hook is durable and strong, built from stainless steel, and is well-suited for saltwater use. The hook also comes super sharp and stays sharp; plus, when you hook up to a fish, they stay put so that you won’t lose any fish due to hook failure. 

The one downside to these hooks is that they don’t come in a large range of sizes, so you must choose from the three listed below in the specs. The hook itself is available in either a red or black chrome finish.


  • It comes with a feather/mylar tail 
  • Good feather/mylar tail options 
  • Very sharp and hooks fish well 
  • Strong a durable 
  • Sticky and don’t slip out of fish 


  • Limited size options 


Sizes: 2/6/8

Material: Stainless steel 

Color: Black with mylar & feather tail 

Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Series Triple Grip Treble Hook – My Best Pick For Predator Fish

The Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Series Triple Grip Treble Hook differs slightly from the other Mustad hook featured above as it does not have the two short + one strong hook design. 

All three hooks on this treble hook are the same length and of equal strength. Being built from a blend of materials and using Mustad’s wire technology and the Nor-Tempering process, the hooks are durable, strong, and light. 

The hooks are very sharp on these trebles and penetrate the hard mouths found with pike, zander, and walleye, making them the perfect choice for predator fish. The patented 2X short shank reduces the typical hook tangling found when using trebles and allows you to use larger hooks. These hooks also work well when used on large crankbait rigs.


  • Super sharp and hook fish well 
  • Hold on once hooked 
  • Durable and handle saltwater 
  • Lightweight while being tough


  • Can bend under pressure 


Sizes: 1/0 1/2/4/6 

Material: Blend 

Color: Black Nickel /Multi

What Are Treble Hooks?

Treble hooks are a type of fishing hook that feature three individual points branching out from a single shank. The three points of a treble hook are evenly spaced around the shank, forming a 120-degree angle between each point. 

Treble hooks are used mostly for predator fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. Most lures use a treble hook and can be used for attaching live or dead bait. The three hooks improve hook-up capability and can improve your catch rate significantly.

Pike, musky, walleye, and zander have large mouths with a more bony structure, which makes it harder for single hooks to penetrate. In addition, these fish attack lures or bait aggressively from multiple angles; using treble hooks in these scenarios can improve your catch rate significantly.

What Size Treble Hook Should I Use?

When choosing the right treble hook size to use, you always need to consider two criteria.

  • What species are you targeting to catch?
  • What is your target fish size?

The fishing conditions and the type of bait you are using have less of an effect. If you are unsure of the fish in your target area, start with a mid-range #8 to #10 size. A crappie is unlikely to go for your lure with a #6 treble on your line! Choose the treble size based on the fish you will likely catch.

What Treble Hook Is Best For Bass?

The best bass treble hook has a round bend, so it enters the bass mouth easily. A round bend treble has a wider gape between the hook shank and the point. These round bend hooks also have a greater spacing between the hook point and the end of the bend.

This characteristic keeps the hook-up in place and, more importantly, penetrates the bass mouth from the inside or gill plate area from the outside.  

The best all-round hook choice for bass fishing is the Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hook.

Check out my article on the best lures for bass, which will help you select the right one for fishing a crankbait, topwater, jerkbait, and spinnerbaits.

What Treble Hook Is Best For Trout?

Trout are a smaller species than bass, and their mouths are much smaller. Therefore, a size #14 would be the best starting point for most trout. If you target larger trout above 4 lbs, the largest treble you should use for trout would be a #8.

Small-size trebles are best to use with Berkely powerbait, and a maximum size of #12 would be the ideal hook size.

You can learn more about using lures for trout, including my all-time favorite, the Mepps Aglia.

What Are Treble Hook Sizes?

Treble hooks follow the same aught system as normal hooks. The smallest is a #20, and a size #1 hook is the largest. 

When using larger than size #1, the “aught” system (such as a 2/0 or a 1/0) is used. These are very large hooks and are typically used for saltwater game fishing. In freshwater fishing, there is no need to use treble hooks larger than size #2.

Their sizes range from a large 2/0 to a #20, and the most common treble size is usually a #6 to a #10 treble. Most fish under 10lbs can be caught using a size from #8 to #10.

Predator fish like pike will more often prefer to take a larger bait and hook due to their mouth size. A #4 to #8 are best for targeting pike, walleye, zander, and musky. 

Treble Hook Size (Smallest First)Hook LengthHook Width

Treble Hook Size Chart vs Species

Below is a general guideline for species vs. treble hook sizes. For example, the best treble size for bass fishing would be a #4 to a #12 hook. In most cases, you should start using the #8.

Fish SpeciesTreble Hook Recommended Size
Small Bass8 to 12
Large Bass4 to 8
Northern Pike2 to 6
Musky2 to 6
Walleye4 to 8
Zander2 to 6
Small Carp10 to 14
Large Carp6 to 10
Perch8 to 12
Crappie12 to 14
Catfish2 to 4
Small Trout10 to 14
Large Trout8 to 12

Are Treble Hooks Bad For Fish?

Trebles are a very popular fishing hook for predator fishing. Whilst they are a great way to catch more fish, they can also damage the lips and mouths of bass, pike, and walleye if not handled correctly.

It takes some skills and experience to manage the unhooking process. Using a pair of forceps to unhook the fish safely is paramount.

When Not To Use A Treble Hook?

Typically, anglers only use treble hooks to target large pike, zander, musky, and walleye. If you are practicing catch-and-release fishing, then for most species, it’s always best to use a normal single hook. In inexperienced hands, trebles can cause damage to the fish.

Additionally, in some areas, regulations may limit the use of treble hooks; check out the location for any rules before you fish.

When lure fishing for perch and bass, small trebles are much easier to handle. Whilst trebles can be used for catching trout, they are not 100% necessary since trout have a softer jaw area than larger predator fish.

When To Use A Treble Hook?

Large predators such as pike, musky, and zander are always best targeted with treble hooks. Their mouths are much larger and more robust. Also, presenting dead bait or live bait can be far easier and more natural when using treble hooks. 

If you use trebles, smaller species, such as bass and trout, can be caught using smaller lures with treble hooks.

Safety When Using Treble Hooks

treble hook in hand
Take special care when handling treble hooks

When using treble hooks, ensure you use a quality pair of forceps to unhook any fish. Serious injuries can happen if a fish moves about without any warning, which can damage the fish and the anglers’ hands.   

Hooking Out

Thanks very much for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it and, with my experience with treble hooks, found an option that works for you. If you’re still unsure about which one to go for, you can not go wrong with the Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hook, as it’s stronger, sharper, and more durable than others. 

Please check out my article regarding types and styles of fishing hooks, which can help you learn more about hook terminology.

Lastly, It should be remembered that there are differences between barbed and barbless hooks. So which one should you use?

Steve Fitzjohn