Best Fishing Beenie For Cold Weather: 2Sabers 2SBR Fleece Beanie Review

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2Sabers beanie hat for fishing
Best Fishing Beenie For Cold Weather: 2Sabers 2SBR Fleece Beanie Review
Our Verdict
The 2SABER 2SBR fleece beanie is a perfect choice as a winter fishing hat. It is an affordable option and has multiple color options and four different sizes for the best fit for each person. The microfleece material is soft and very comfortable. This is my choice for the best overall beanie.
Value For Money
The Good
Multiple color options
Four sizes to choose from for the best fit
Affordable and a trendy design
The Not So Good
No waterproofing
Only rated for temperatures around 32F
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I love wearing beanies when I’m out fishing in the cold weather. They are easy to put on, take off, carry around, and extremely lightweight. Secondly, unlike normal hats, they can cover my ears to shield me from the cold wind.

When I go out fishing in the cold weather, either in fishing matches, on the carp syndicate, or during pleasure angling, I see many anglers using a baseball cap from the summertime! With little or no protection from the cold, I often wonder how they enjoy their time fishing.

So join me as I review the 2Sabers 2SBR, my best all-round fishing beanie for the cold weather:

2Sabers 2SBR Fleece Beenie Hat Overview

The 2Sabers 2SBR Fleece Beenie Hat is perfect for winter fishing trips. This beanie is not designed uniquely for fishing use – it’s an allrounder, and you don’t pay the additional “fishing tax” that is generally included in those supposedly designed for anglers!

It’s made of a comfortable microfleece material that fits snugly on your head and protects you from those challenging winter conditions. Plus, you can choose from the four different sizes, so you can have the option that best fits your head. It’s an affordable option, so you’re getting a great deal. 

It’s a military-style design made in Ukraine and is low profile without being bulky. This close-fitting beanie fits over your ears without having to be folded up. Not only does it look good, but it also keeps your head very warm.

This great beanie is made from a soft, thick, high-quality “Midweight 280” micro-fleece – making it lightweight and able to dry quickly if you get caught suddenly in a rain storm. The one downside is that it is not the best option in beanies if you plan to go ice fishing at sub-zero temperatures. However, it will cope with the typical cold and keep you warm even when it is below 32 degrees F.

The beanie can be washed in a normal washing machine, but use the low heat setting to avoid any shrinkage. Likewise, it is best to tumble dry the 2Sabers Fleece beanie on a gentle cycle with low heat.

One great benefit of this low-profile beanie is that it can easily fit under your fishing jacket’s hood. If you travel to go fishing on a bicycle or a motorcycle, you can wear it under your helmet without any concerns.

2Sabers made a multiple-size beanie, as the fit is different for everyone. Most manufacturers offer a standard size to fit all, which will not meet the comfort and snug fit needed for the cold winter weather.


  • Rated for temperatures below 32 degrees
  • It weighs only 2 ounces
  • Available in 5 colors: black, coyote, green, gray, navy blue
  • Available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, & Extra large


  • Not fully waterproof 
  • It is not ideal for using when going ice fishing 

Whilst this is a cold-weather hat, it can be worn all year round when the temperatures drop at night or during those cooler spring and autumn periods. Alternatively, check out my summer fishing hat options if you want excellent protection from the sun in hot weather.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a hat when fishing in the cold can make or break your trip. Headwear will help protect you from the elements, such as cold wind and also slow down the loss of body heat via your head.

Where possible, the 2Sabers 2SBR fleece beanie is my first choice winter headgear to wear once the weather elements start to close in.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this beanie fishing hat review. Why not check out my other in-depth articles on all the best cold-weather clothing and accessories, covering gloves, socks, thermal layer wear, and boots.

Steve Fitzjohn