Organize Your Flies: 5 Best Fly Boxes For Nymphs, Dries, & Streamers

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If you’re anything like me and probably most anglers, you are a bit OCD with your gear. You want everything to be in peak condition so it doesn’t fail you on the water, and you know exactly where to find it when it’s time for your fishing trip.

One of the hardest things to keep organized is always going to be your flies. Whether it’s keeping them in your box or organizing them by fly types, you’ll find that it’s going to take quality boxes and some extra time organizing. 

In this article, I will cover: 

  • 5 Best Fly Boxes
  • Magreel Fly Fishing Box (My Best Overall Pick!)
  • Orvis Super Slim Vest Pocket Box (My Best Value Pick!)
  • Fishpond Tacky Double Haul Fly Box (My Most Versatile Pick!)
  • Orvis M2 Load-and-Lock Fly Box
  • Cliff Outdoors Bugger Beast

Best Fly Fishing Boxes

Most fly fishing companies create their own fly boxes as a way to make some extra money. Anglers are always looking to add accessories from their favorite brands, but this doesn’t mean they’re always going to be quality! 

Take a look at the following my personal favorite fly storage boxes when you’re considering purchasing a new one. 

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Magreel Fly Fishing Box – My Best Overall Pick!

If you’re looking for a fly box that is going to do its job and doesn’t have anything excessive, then choose the Magreel Fly Fishing box.

It is a traditional slit-style foam box that’s double-sided. You have three options when you purchase this fly box depending on what size you’re able to carry and the size of flies you’re looking to store. 

You can purchase an extremely small box that’s 4 inches tall, three inches wide, and one inch thick. If you need something larger, you can do six inches tall, four inches wide and two inches thick. The largest option is seven inches tall, four inches wide, and two inches thick. 

You’ll want to be sure the box is going to fit in your waist pack. If you’re fishing with dries, nymphs, and smaller streamers, then go ahead and purchase one of these boxes. The foam slits have plenty of room for your flies, but since larger streamers often have big tails, they might cover up your flies and make it more challenging to see. Size 6 or 8 Wooly Buggers would fit fine. 

Another nice feature of this box is that it is waterproof. If you’re fishing in the rain or happen to drop your box in the water, it’s going to float and no water is going to seep into your box and rust out your flies. Combine this with the clear lid to make everything easy to see and you have a great fly box. 

Orvis Super Slim Vest Pocket Box – My Best Value Pick!

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If you’re an angler who enjoys fishing with only a vest and no waist pack, then the Orvis Super Slim Pocket box is a good choice for you. 

This box is designed to hold 120 flies and it takes up very little room. You can either choose from eight rows of slit foam or 8 compartments that are going to hold all of your flies. This box is only five inches long, four inches wide, and a half-inch tall. 

These are ideal boxes for the fly fishing minimalist. You’re not going to be able to carry massive streamers and smaller flies, but if you’re fishing nymphs and dries, you’ll have plenty of room. 

Take this box along on your stream or small river fishing adventures. It’s also a great option for any alpine lakes that you find yourself fishing. Those small natural patterns fit exactly right in these boxes. 

Orvis was able to make this small and compact, but still high enough quality that you never have to worry about it falling apart. 

Fishpond Tacky Double Haul Fly Box – My Most Versatile Pick!

If you know anything about the band “Fishpond” you know you’re going to be in good hands with their gear. Their fly fishing accessories are some of the highest quality accessories on the market. You will not be sorry about any purchase you make from Fishpond. 

The Fishpond Double Haul Fly Box is a great design. When you open the box, one side is for your small dry flies and nymph patterns. There are 12 rows for you to place those smaller patterns on one side of the box. This is plenty of room for any fly-fishing trip you find yourself making.

On the other side of the box are fewer rows with more space in between. This side holds small streamers, larger nymphs, and large dry flies. It’s only seven inches long and four inches wide, but Fishpond really maximizes the space. 

It can hold up to 287 flies, depending on what you need! It’s waterproof and will last you for years. Many people purchase one fishpond fly box that’ll last their entire fishing career. 

Orvis M2 Lock-and-Load Fly Box 

The Orvis Lock and Load Fly Box

If you prefer a compartment type of fly box for your smaller dry flies, then purchase the Lock-and-Load fly box from Orvis. 

This is Orvis’ most rugged fly box and is also waterproof. The lock is strong, and each compartment has a cover over it. The M2 has ten compartments for you to store your flies. 

There are a few compartment sizes, depending on what flies you’re hoping to store! You can fit a few smaller streamers, but it mainly holds dry flies and nymphs. If you’re fishing your local trout stream, then it’s a great box to bring along. It’s not too big, so you can keep it on your lanyard! 

Cliff Outdoors Bugger Beast 

There are those of us in the world of fly fishing who need a lot of space. Whether casting streamers for salmon or saltwater fish, you need a lot of room.

It can be frustrating to store streamers in several boxes, but the Cliff Outdoors Bugger Beast allows you to keep all your streamers in one place and then separate them into smaller boxes if necessary. 

On top of the streamers, you can also store nymphs and dries on the opposite side. You won’t have individual slits as you would in other boxes, but that allows you to space your flies out according to what you need. 

Final Thoughts

I hope my reviews on the best fly boxes were informative and helped you narrow down and select which box suits your style of fly fishing.

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Daniel Mooers