5 Best Fishing Umbrellas For Coarse Anglers: A Buyers Guide

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A fishing umbrella is one of the most useful pieces of kit that you can take along on your fishing trip.

We all know just how unpredictable the British weather can be, so a good umbrella set-up will provide you with the shelter that you need whether mother nature has decided to hurl a torrential downpour in your direction, or whether you have a bit of unseasonable sunshine.

Fishing brollies have been around for more than 50 years and keep getting better as far as features and design.

With so many fishing umbrellas out there, though, how do you choose the right one? Well, luckily for you, you have our insights and experience.

In this article, I will introduce you to my choices of the five best basic fishing umbrellas on the market right now. These are great options for the beginner angler, or for those on a tighter budget.

  • Ultra Fishing Angling 2.2-meter Umbrella (My Best Overall Pick!)
  • Michigan Fishing Umbrella (My Best Value Pick!)
  • KINGCARP 2.5-meter Fishing Umbrella With Zip-on Sheet (My Most Versatile Pick!)
  • KINGCARP Tilting Fishing Umbrella
  • Bison 98″ Fishing Umbrella

Ultra Fishing Angling 2.2-meter Umbrella – My Best Overall Pick! 

First of all, we have this fantastic 2.2meter umbrella shelter from Ultra Fishing Angling.

One of the coolest things about this fishing umbrella is that it has been constructed from stainless steel. This is perfect if you are planning on being out there in wet conditions quite a bit. Stainless steel won’t rust as easily. Now, don’t get us wrong, all our top picks of fishing umbrellas are still great in torrential downpours, but this one is a little bit better due to its construction, ease of setting up and is also lightweight.

As with the KINGCARP 2.5-meter Fishing Umbrella With the Zip-on Sheet, this one has some zip-on sides that you can use. They also have viewing panels so you can see out of your shelter a little bit easier.

You also have good control over the adjustment height of the umbrella. You also have a multi-angle tilt so you can set it up exactly how you want it.

This is the perfect brolly to keep you dry and also out of the wind during your fishing trips. 

Michigan Fishing Umbrella – My Best Value Pick!

One of our aims, when we were putting together this list of the five best fishing umbrellas, was to ensure that there was something for everybody. We don’t all have the same budgets, after all. This is why we are going to choose a more budget-friendly option. The Michigan brolly is priced like you would find it in the bargain basement, but still has a high-quality construction that even top anglers wouldn’t turn their nose up at it.

This Michigan Fishing Umbrella comes in two sizes. You have a choice of a 75″ or 86″.

The polyester fabric pairs perfectly with the steel frame to guarantee a product that is pretty much unbreakable.

There is plenty of space under the umbrella, whether you choose the 75″ or 86″ version. It is dead simple to get it set up as well. The box includes all the accessories that you need to get your fishing umbrella pitched up in a couple of seconds including guy lines and pegs. 

The olive green umbrella also comes with a free carry bag!

KINGCARP 2.5-meter Fishing Umbrella With Zip-on Sheet – My Most Versatile Pick!

For the most part, this fishing umbrella is exactly the same as the KINGCARP Tilting Fishing Umbrella (see below review). However, due to extra features, you have an adjustment on the height, as well as a tilt function on the umbrella.

You see, this version of the umbrella will come complete with a zip-on sheet. You know, for those times where having a simple umbrella is not going to be enough to protect you from the elements. 

One of the unique things about this particular fishing umbrella is the combination of the zip-on sheet and the PVC viewing panels. The windows help to provide a little bit of extra visibility when you are zipped up inside of that fishing umbrella.

The height of the umbrella, which caps out at 2-meters, is more than enough to accommodate most people. Of course, you also have a 2.5-meter wide span on the umbrella. This means that you are going to be able to enjoy plenty of space inside.

If you are looking for one of the best fishing umbrellas on the market right now, then we absolutely recommend that you pick KINGCARP 2.5-meter Fishing Umbrella With a Zip-on sheet, it is a tremendous investment with all its options.

KINGCARP Tilting Fishing Umbrella

We are back to the budget umbrellas for this one. However, don’t worry. This Kingcarp Tilting fishing umbrella was chosen with a huge amount of care. We would never recommend it to you if we didn’t believe it would be keeping you dry by the lake or river.

While you do not have any side coverings for this fishing umbrella, you have a huge amount of adjustment on the tilt. This means that you won’t have any trouble positioning the fishing umbrella to the point you want it to be, which is essential when fishing.

This is a 2.5-meter umbrella which is a good size for most anglers. It also comes with a ground spike, which means that you are going to have it stuck in the ground in just a couple of seconds.

Once you have the fishing umbrella set into the ground, you have a huge amount of adjustment on the pole. This means that you can set it to the perfect height for your needs.

This fishing umbrella is 100% waterproof, and it even comes with a carry case if you want a little bit of extra protection for it. This means that, despite the low price, the KINGCARP tilting fishing umbrella is likely to be providing you with years and years of happy use.

Bison 98″ Fishing Umbrella

You are going to be the envy of the waters when you have this Bison 98″ fishing umbrella set up. 

When set up properly, you will have plenty of vertical and horizontal space under this fishing brolly. In fact, even the tallest of anglers should have no issues squeezing into this extra large umbrella.

The PU-coated nylon will help to keep you dry, even in the wettest of weather.

The nylon will cover the sides, which will help to prevent rain from blustering in on you, while at the same time keeping the front of the umbrella open for a spot of fishing. 

You have plenty of adjustment in this umbrella too, which means that you shouldn’t have too many issues getting it set up how you see fit. If you are looking for a large brolly then this is a great option and is also worth considering if you go night fishing and don’t want to spend additional money on a bivvy.

If you are looking for some great bivvy recommendations check out my article here!

What Are The Key Factors For Choosing An Umbrella?

  • Waterproof – The basic need of an umbrella is to protect anglers from the rain.
  • Size – It must be large enough to cover you and your surrounding bait and tackle from getting wet.
  • Easy to setup – Once it starts to rain the time taken to get it setup and in position must be fast and simple.
  • Secure – Once positioned in the ground it should stay in the right position without moving in the wind. Ground pegs are key in very windy sitations.
  • Provide good shade – In many cases you need to shelter yourself from the hot sun.
  • Adjustable – The best umbrellas will not only have a height adjustment but also a tilt mechanism.
  • Lightweight but solid construction – Brollies to often have poor construction and are extremely heavy. Carrying them becomes difficult, if they don’t fit in your rod holdall.
  • Value for money – Most will keep you dry but a good umbrella will last several years. Buy the best you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Umbrella?

Always keep your fishing umbrella clean after every use. A simple hose down with a soft cloth or sponge is the best method to clean the fabric and pole. Try not to use detergent (especially a strong one) as this will degrade the waterproof covering. Its critical to ensure the umbrella is dried out thoroughly before returning it to your holdall.

How Do I Waterproof My Umbrella?

Over a period of time, the coating will need some additional waterproofing sprayed on due to wear and tear and weather impact. Generally, re-waterproofing once per year is sufficient for an umbrella. All umbrellas are waterproof in my recommendation list.

The best way to waterproof your fishing umbrella is to spray on Nikwax. Just simply spray one coat all over the material and allow it to dry. A cheaper alternative is to use Grangers Fabsil Gold which is a paint on version, but can take a longer time to complete.

What Is A Bait Umbrella?

Bait umbrellas are small brollys that will keep your bait dry (or protected from hot sun) during the rain or direct heat. These are usually used by course fishing and match anglers and they are connected to your seatbox, or bait tray. They are usually around 2 feet square.

Can I Use My Fishing Umbrella In The Garden?

Yes, all fishing umbrellas can also double up and be used in the garden to protect you from the rain or sun.

Final Thoughts

As we said, there are a lot of different fishing umbrellas on the market. Some of them are good, others not quite so much. 

To save yourself a bit of trouble trying to work out what the good ones are, we suggest that you stick to one of the five on this list. They come highly rated by us at positive fishing and by many anglers, and we are sure that if you used one, it would be highly rated by you too.

I hope this article was useful information to help you decide which one to buy, you can also check out my other in-depth fishing gear accessory guide articles here!