6 Best Truscend Fishing Lures: Which Ones Should You Buy?

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  • Truscend lures are one of the most popular brands in the world
  • Learn about the best Truscend fishing lures available on the market
  • Take a look at my personal recommendations for each category 

Where Are Truscend Fishing Lures Made?

Truscend is a Chinese company based in Guangzhou. It has been established for over 23 years and has a global presence. Truscend manufactures all types of fishing equipment, such as rods, reels, and lures. 

What Type Of Fishing Lures Do Truscend Sell? 

Truscend offers a wide variety of lures. The key target fish for these lures are trout, bass, and predator fish such as musky and pike.

Truscends range of lures is classified into six types.

  • Jointed Swimbaits
  • Soft Lures
  • Metal Fishing Lures
  • Topwater Lures
  • Rechargeable LED Twitching Lures
  • Crankbaits

Multi-Jointed Swimbaits

For bass fishing, a multi-jointed swimbait lure is a popular choice. These multi-jointed have three or more sections that create very lifelike motion while being retrieved. The segmented swimbait option has up to eight (8) sections, which imitates an injured baitfish extremely well.

Truscend has multiple sizes, patterns, and colors available in the multi-jointed swimbait range, so when you choose the options, make sure it’s the one you need. Currently, there are 23 different styles.   

This lure has a slow Sinking Bionic Swimming action suited for both fresh and saltwater. 

Soft lures 

Truscend has 20 different styles of soft lures ranging from Senko worms to floating frog baits. The range is typical with paddle tails, swimbaits, jigheads, and topwater lures. Most come in pre-rigged options with various hook combinations, colors, and sizes. 

Take a look at the popular Frog Lures, which are great for topwater bass fishing. They come in four unique styles and are made from silicone rubber and foam. One option is a spinnerbait style, and the other three have rubber skirt tails. The frog’s multi-color single silicone tails really look attractive and provide the frog with a walking action on top of the water.

This topwater is really good at performing as a surface bass lure, as it acts very lifelike.

I do not use the Senko worm version from Truscend; instead, I recommend opting for the Berkeley Powerbait Maxscent Hit worm.

Metal Fishing Lures

Truscend has some really great spinners. Its nano-plated copper blade with a Rooster Tail is my personal favorite. They come in 5 different colors, and the A4 double oval blade version is my choice for bass fishing. 

These super cranking Spinner Baits have a great look and are good quality with tungsten steel and a brass body. I love the look of these, and the rooster tail finishes off the spinner really beautifully.

They come as a pack of six, which makes them a cost-effective lure that can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Topwater Lures

My favorite and personal choice is the Truscend topwater lures with a double blade. It’s a double-blade rotating tail design, that splashes on the top of the water when retrieved across the surface. It also creates a good amount of noise, and I found it works at all types of speeds and is retrievable without getting rolled up.

It casts very well due to its heavier belly. It comes in 10 different designs, which cover weights of 0.2 oz to 0.9 oz. The lengths range from 2.8” to 4.7”. I suggest going with the middle range C-3.2” 0.46 oz, which is more of a multi-purpose lure for covering all fish sizes.

These topwater lures are suitable for bass, trout, pike, and perch. Select the right size for the fish species and size you expect to catch.

Rechargeable LED Twitching Lures

Truscend has a unique product which is a rechargeable electronic lure. It twitches, buzzes, and has a 3-second flashing light once it is cast in the water. It’s a slow-sinking LED lure that can be used in murky water or for night fishing in saltwater or freshwater.

These twitching lures can cast a long distance. They are slow-sinking lures that resemble lighted twitching minnows and can be used during the day or night.

It has high-quality Mustad treble hooks and a 3D-painted body. The battery life is 12 hours after a 150-minute full charge. The range has three options, all 5” in length.

Being a multi-use lure means it is suited for all types of fishing and targets bass, trout, musky, and pike. The power for the flashing LED will turn on when the lure hits the water; this saves battery power considerably. The lure also comes with a USB charging cable.


Truscend has three versions of crankbaits, which is quite limited. Strangely, they are marketed as a lure for fishing and a collectible fishing gift!

Truscend has a jointed rap crankbait and two types of normal crankbait – one with a Vibe Lipless fish-in-fish design.

The Truscend jointed segmented crankbaits are most effective when retrieved slowly, as they can give the illusion that they are traveling quickly.

They can be used to catch many species, including bass, trout, yellow perch, walleye, crappie, pike, muskie, and sunfish. This segmented lure is suitable for both inshore saltwater and freshwater fishing and functions at all water depths.

Its streamlined body can be cast long distances as the side blade has low wind resistance. The blade bait has a fast sinking and an excellent realistic swimming action. The tail of the lure gives a vibrating motion from side to side. 

Truscend also has a crankbait lure, a hard version for bass, trout, and crappie. It also has a loud rattle.

Overall Truscend Lure Review

Generally speaking, the design and manufacture are very solid. The hooks from Mustad and BKK are sharp and of good quality.

The price ranges are quite attractive, and most options are sold in packs of three or up to six. Make sure you review the options available and pick wisely. Not all will stand out against the competition, and the range is not as wide as those from Rapala or Berkley.

Most reviews from users are positive, but there are a few negative ones. They do remain a very popular choice for many fishermen, especially those anglers who are on a budget.

In my opinion, I only buy the specific ones that I have selected in this article; some others I have tried did not work as well. 

Final Thoughts

Truscend is a well-known brand that is easily available online. Their wide range of lures covers almost all fishing scenarios and can catch multiple fish species in both fresh and saltwater.

The quality of the Mustad hooks is proven, and their general all-around quality makes them an excellent, cost-effective choice for all types of anglers.

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