Fjuka Fishing Bait: Hype Or Game-Changer For Anglers? Insider Review

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Fjuka Fishing Bait: Hype Or Game-Changer For Anglers? Insider Review
Our Verdict
Fjuka 2 in 1 bait is one of the new entrants into the fishing bait category. I strongly believe more anglers will try it and will be catching even more fish in a very short time. The product range will continue to evolve and gain even more acceptance in no time for pleasure and match fishing.
Value For Money
Ease Of Use
The Good
Easy to use, even for beginners
Can be used for up to a year
Can be moulded into different shapes and sizes
Fastest growing bait company
Continuous development in regard to new items being launched
The Bad
Still relatively untested and some anglers have a negative feel regarding using them

In recent developments within the angling community, Fjuka has emerged as an alternative bait, offering versatility and affordability for novice and experienced fishermen. Touted for its adaptability, the bait has drawn the interest of many due to its affordable cost and boasting a long shelf life. This innovative option can be transformed into various shapes and sizes, providing a customisable approach to bait.

Despite its rising popularity and the expansion of its product line, some reservations linger amongst anglers. Traditional baits have long established their effectiveness, leaving this new contender to prove its worth on the waters. I’ll be sharing my personal observations and opinions of Fjuka products, considering their best applications and comparing them with established bait choices.

What Is Fjuka 2in1 Bait?

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The Fjuka 2in1 Original – 5mm Hook Bait has five colour options.

The Fjuka brand name has been on the market for over four years. In my experience with angling baits, Fjuka 2in1 stands out for its unique texture—it’s akin to a hybrid between a pill-shaped pellet and a pliable substance reminiscent of children’s modelling clay. The intent behind this design is quite clever; it’s meant to appeal universally to a diverse array of fish species, enhancing its versatility as a bait solution. In summary, It’s a very versatile bait that attracts all fish species.

The expansive Fjuka 2in1 bait range also has tailored options such as micros for small fish or fatboys for larger targets. Additionally, the Neeonz series, with its vivid colours and enticing fluorescence, offers a striking visibility underwater. With such a wide range, Fjuka baits have something to offer anglers seeking both convenience and effectiveness for any style of fishing.

Here’s a brief overview of the Fjuka product spread:

Multi-packs and combos are available for most product ranges and are sold as discounted options.

SizeColours# Of PelletsBag SizePriceTarget FishPurpose
2 In 1 Original5 mmYellow, White, Red, Black600195g$AllHook And Loose Feed
2 in 1 Micros3 mmYellow, White, Red, Black1000195g$$SmallLoose Feed
Neeonz Fluoro7 mmYellow, White, Pink, Orange150Tube$$$AllHook
2 In 1 Fatboys10 mmNatural, Red250195g$$Mid - LargeHook
Fjuka Lurebait9 mmOrange, Pink, White 9030g$$Mid Hook
Fjuka Hookable Wafters4 / 8 / 11 mmpink, orange, white, yellow, natural.125Jar$$Mid - LargeHook
Hookable buoyant pop-ups11 mmpink, orange, white, yellow, natural. 125Jar$$$Mid - LargeHook
CARPO Drilled Boilie Pellets7 / 11 / 14 mmyellow, pink, orange, white, natural150Jar$$$Mid - LargeHook
Floating Neeonz Fluoro Hookbait 7 mmyellow, pink, orange, white70Tube$$MidHook

New Fjuka Products For 2024

Innovative Floating Lures

I’ve had a chance to experiment with the Fjuka Lurebait, a versatile floating bait intended for lure fishing for perch, pike, trout and bass. With the ability to be shaped into extended forms, resembling worms or small prey fish, it has the potential to bring a new edge to lure angling, particularly when multiple pellets are combined for a larger presentation.

Lurebait comes in four colours (white, yellow, pink and orange) in a single 9mm size. Combined with the sensate fish accelerant with glitter added, it is very similar to the Berkley powerbait dough bait.

41CZTYv5XqL. SL160
Fjuka Lurebait targets predator fish
such as trout and bass

Resilient Baits for Carp Angling

The Tough Fjukas range currently consists of three products, mainly carp-targeted options:

  • Carpo And Boilie Pellets: These robust, pre-drilled pellets are ready to be rigged, offering a straightforward setup for carp enthusiasts.
  • Balanced Wafters: Neutral in buoyancy, these wafters are adaptable in size and perfect for crafting mixed-colour presentations.
  • Buoyant Pop-Ups: Designed for crafting floating or semi-buoyant rigs, these are ideal for reducing the attraction of smaller carp and have been enhanced with Sensate™ flavour to entice larger catches.

Carpo Pre-Drilled Boilie Pellets

41D+5hkfbiL. SL160
Fjuka Carpo drilled boilie pots are
available in 7, 11, and 14 mm sizes

These Fjuka pellets are a hard version and pre-drilled and can be easily hooked on using a spike, band, or hair rig. Every pot contains five colours: fluoro yellow, pink, orange, and white, as well as neutral-natural to catch on all waters.

Balanced Hookable Wafters

61twuzWdCoL. SL160
Fjuka Hookable Wafter pots are sold in
4, 8, and 11mm sizes in multicolours

These wafters can be spike-mount, hair-rig, or banded. They can also be made smaller by simply breaking them in half. These wafters have neutral buoyancy, and the colours can be combined to make a mixed-colour offering to all coarse fish, especially carp.

I prefer to use the wafters when fishing with either a method or a pellet feeder. They can be used for fishing on the drop since they sink slowly through the water, especially in the summer when carp feed on the surface.

New Hookable Pop-Ups 

As the wafters, these pop-ups can be spike-mount, hair-rig, or banded. Additionally, they can be used directly on the hook. One advantage of the hookable pop-ups is combining them with other Fjuka bait to make either a pop-up or a semi-buoyant rig.

They are available in a pot or a refillable option (at less than half the price of a pot) and come in 4, 6,8, or 11mm sizes. They are available in four fluorescent colours in every pot – pink, orange, white, yellow, and a neutral option.

Fjuka Paste Wrapped Boilies

41hwMVmu5OL. SL160

Fjuka has recently put efforts into products targeting the carp bait market. This “paste wrapped” boilie is a special edition with a coating layer of sensate paste. Over 20 minutes, the soluble boilies release attractants primarily for catching carp, barbel, and tench.

Its slow release helps get a faster bite from fish, especially when anglers only plan on a short session. Each bait is 14mm, available in a standard sinking form, plus wafters and pop-up variants.

Fjuka Sinkers

51Xw8MQjUFL. SL160

Fjuka sinkers is a hook bait for float or bomb/feeder fishing, hence their name. They are designed to fall quickly through the water and stay on the bottom.

These are a version of the standard 2in1 bait, and by being more robust, they help to prevent smaller fish from nibbling at your bait. They can be presented on the hook directly, spike mount, or using a hair rig. The main target speics are larger carp, F1s, bream, and tench.

Take note that the sinkers are only available in a natural light brown colour, which complements fishing with pellets as loose feed and compensates for fish that may be spooky of a fluoro-coloured bait.

Fjuka Floating Neeonz Hyper-Fluoro Hookbait

41wapRfn16L. SL160

Fjuka floating Neeonz is a product similar to the standard Neeonz fluoro hook bait, except its primary use is for catching surface-feeding fish such as carp. Whilst floating on the water’s surface, the attractants leak the usual Sensate™ fish accelerant.

I have used these successfully whilst stalking carp in the margins during hot, sunny weather as a floating bait option for dog biscuits with some great success. The range’s pink, orange, white, and yellow colours give some variability if carp don’t seem interested in floating biscuits.

They are only available in a 7mm size, but you can combine two or three Neeonz to make a larger bait and mould it to your preferred shape.

What Is Fjuka Sensate?

Fjuka’s Sensate is a coloured fish attractor in liquid or powder form. Currently, the powdered form is in the prototype stage and has been offered to anglers to try for free and get feedback. Therefore, it’s in the early days of its evolution, but the powder is expected to go on general public release in mid-2024.


Primarily, it’s a dye currently available in natural, red, yellow or green colours; it can be added directly to any bait or groundbait and is designed to disperse instantly when it enters the water. The resulting “oily cloud” falls through the water column, which allures fish to your bait.

It is a highly concentrated mix in its liquid form. Alternately, adding water to the powder form allows you to control the strength of your mixture.

There are four main ways of utilising Sensate:

1) Add the liquid to your hookbait: Dip the bait into the liquid or add a couple of drops from the bottle onto your bait.

2) Add a few drops of the Sensate liquid to your pellets or bread-based groundbait.

3) Dispense the liquid directly onto your cage or method feeder.

4} Add a teaspoon of the powder option into your maggots. This coats the maggots as they move around and change the colour of the maggots to the colour of the powder.

The 95ml bottle should be shaken well before use to mix any settling of the contents.

Is Fjuka 2in1 A Fishing Pellet?

Is Fjuka 2in1 a conventional fishing pellet? Not exactly. The design philosophy of Fjuka is that it performs as both a hook bait and a part of loose feed. Its malleable nature allows you to hook it easily without trouble. However, unlike traditional hard pellets, it can be moulded and shaped, lending itself to various fishing situations.

However, I would describe them as a version of a small pre-round-shaped plastic bait similar to Berkely powerbait.

How To Use Fjuka Fishing Bait?

Fjuka is best used straight out of the bag and onto the hook!

Fjuka 2in1 serves a dual purpose: it’s ideal for adding directly to the hook and equally effective for scattering as loose feed, thanks to its affordable cost.

I’ve found that this bait gives the best results when it’s moulded with my fingers or by rolling it to imitate the appearance of other baits like worms, maggots, or pellets. One of the best features of Fjuka is the ease with which I can adjust the size of my bait. This adaptability is key, whether I’m aiming to hair-rig the bait or band a pellet. Its versatility spans a range of fishing situations.

Where And When To Use Fjuka?

519pbEO38HL. SL160
The three bag pack combo comes in white, yellow, and red.

A key plus point is that beginners can easily use the 2in1. At the same time, experienced anglers will find it an extra option in their range of baits to add to their usual baits.

This bait works well on your commercial-type lake fisheries for carp, tench, and bream. Since it can be moulded to your desired size, it is great for large or smaller fish such as roach, rudd, and perch. I have also tried it successfully on various fast and slow-moving rivers, and it consistently stays attached to the hook even with a normal cast.

When fishing in more coloured water or during winter, the brighter colours are very effective.

I am still figuring out what works well in certain conditions and waters. Remembering what worked well last time can be a slight issue, mainly due to the different combos and shapes that can be tried. Over time, I am getting this tuned in a bit better.

The White Fjuka 2in1 can be used as an alternative to bread by flattening the pellet, and the Fjuka Red 2in1 rolled to a maggot style gives some options.

All Fjuka baits can be hooked, hair-rigged, pellet banded or combined to make multi-coloured baits.

What Fish Can You Catch With Fjuka?

In my experience with Fjuka 2in1 baits, I’ve found that they are versatile enough to attract various fish species. This bait is particularly appealing due to its soft texture and range of colours, which can entice visual feeders and those relying more on scent.

  • Coarse Fish: Carp, bream, roach, trout, and tench have positively responded to Fjuka baits, especially in the fluoro pink, orange, and yellow varieties.
  • Match Fishing: When competing, anglers have reported success using these baits to catch competitive weights of roach, carp, F1, and bream.
  • Pleasure Angling: For more relaxed fishing days, Fjuka can successfully catch any species in lakes, rivers, and canals.

The bait’s two-in-one functionality allows for both hook attachment and loose feeding, which can be particularly handy. My tackle box frequently includes them as they provide an alternative to traditional options, such as maggots or pellets, without reducing catch potential.

How To Store Fjuka Fishing Bait?

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If you are not sure what to buy, try these fluoro bulk packs – Fjuka NeeonZ Hookbait Quad Pack

Proper storage is vital to ensure Fjuka retain its softness for up to 12 months after opening. Here’s how I keep them in prime condition:

  • Sealing: Always store them in a sealed bag or an airtight container, away from direct sunlight, to stop them from hardening.
  • Organisation: I organise the baits in plastic containers, each labelled with its specific type and size, making it straightforward to pick the right one for any fishing trip.
  • Freshness: Keeping them separated maintains freshness and preserves the Sensate attractants, designed to release enticing aromas and oils upon contact with water.

Maintaining these storage practices ensures my Fjuka baits are always ready for use, with their distinctive scents and pliable texture.

What Is Fjuka Made From?

Since Fjuka is made from only human food-grade ingredients (no plastics, gums, waxes, or resins), then,, in theory,, the composition should be safe for the fish. Let’s hope it is a healthy, nutritious food that fish will love for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest; some of us anglers are as finicky as fish sometimes! Resistance to change is a challenge for some of us.

Fjuka has established itself as an innovative product within the fishing community, gaining endorsements from former world champions like Tom Pickering.

I hope this article has given you the desire to try out Fjuka; experimenting with new bait options is always interesting. With the price at less than a pint of maggots, what have you got to lose? Why not throw a pack in your tackle box today?

Steve Fitzjohn