Fjuka 2in1 Fishing Bait Review (Is It Any Good?)

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Fjuka 2in1 Fishing Bait Review (Is It Any Good?)
Our Verdict
Fjuka 2 in 1 bait is one of the new entrants into the fishing bait category. I strongly believe more anglers will try it and will be catching even more fish in a very short time. The product range will continue to evolve and gain even more acceptance in no time for pleasure and match fishing.
Value For Money
Ease Of Use
The Good
Easy to use, even for beginners
Can be used for up to a year
Can be moulded into different shapes and sizes
Fastest growing bait company
Continuous development in regard to new items being launched
The Bad
Still relatively untested and some anglers have a negative feel regarding using them

Through the years we have seen many types of fishing baits, some work out better than others. So how does this new “revolutionary” bait stacks up against the traditional maggots, bread, corn, and pellets?

In this article, I will go through some of my personal thoughts and where it works well, and when it’s best to stay with the old bait favourites.

What Is Fjuka 2in1 Bait?

The Fjuka 2in1 Original – 5mm Hook Bait. The
soft feed pellet & attractant (Yellow)

The Fjuka brand name has been on the market for almost three years. It is a range of baits that looks like a pellet but feels like plasticine – like “play-doh”. Well-known names in fishing such as Tom Pickering have tested Fjuka with great success and he is the spokesman behind the Fjuka brand. In summary, It’s a very versatile bait that attracts all species of fish.

Fjuka brand sells 2 in 1 Hookbait, Micros, Neeonz Hookbait and Fatboys. Multi-packs and combos are available covering the full range or a specific type, these are sold as discounted options.

SizeColours# Of PelletsBag SizePriceTarget FishPurpose
2 In 1 Original5 mmYellow, White, Red, Black600195g$AllHook And Loose Feed
2 in 1 Micros3 mmYellow, White, Red, Black1000195g$$SmallLoose Feed
Neeonz Fluoro7 mmYellow, White, Pink, Orange150Tube$$$AllHook
2 In 1 Fatboys10 mmNatural, Red250195g$$Mid - LargeHook
Fjuka Lurebait9 mmOrange, Pink, White 9030g$$Mid Hook
Fjuka Hookable Wafters4 / 8 / 11 mmpink, orange, white, yellow, natural.125Jar$$Mid - LargeHook
Hookable buoyant pop-ups11 mmpink, orange, white, yellow, natural. 125Jar$$$Mid - LargeHook
CARPO Drilled Boilie Pellets7 / 11 / 14 mmyellow, pink, orange, white, natural150Jar$$$Mid - LargeHook
Floating Neeonz Fluoro Hookbait 7 mmyellow, pink, orange, white70Tube$$MidHook

New Fjuka Products For 2022

Fjuka Lurebait

Fjuka has recently released a new product called Fjuka Lurebait. Lurebait is targeted for trout or bass. It can be moulded into long shapes to imitate prey fish or worms, however, this would need several “pellets” to be used together. This product is a floating trout bait with glitter added, making it very similar to the Berkley PowerBait Natural Glitter Trout Dough Fishing Bait.

New for 2022 – Fjuka Lurebait targets
predator fish such as trout and bass

Tough Fjukas

In addition to the Lurebait, Fjuka has also launched a range of three new products aimed at carp anglers called tough Fjukas.

Fjuka Carpo drilled boilie pots are
available in 7, 11, and 14 mm sizes

These Fjuka pellets are a hard version and pre-drilled and can be easily hooked on using a spike, band, or hair rig.

Fjuka Hookable Wafter pots are sold in
4, 8, and,11mm sizes in multicolours

These wafters can be spike-mount, hair-rig, or banded. They can also be made smaller by simply breaking them in half. These wafters have neutral buoyancy and the colours can be combined to make a mixed-colour offering to all coarse fish, especially carp.


These pop-ups again can be spike-mount, hair-rig, or banded. The great point about these pop-ups is that they can be combined with other Fjuka bait to make either a pop-up or semi-buoyant rigs.

These three new Fjuka fishing baits are for helping reduce the small carp attraction and include the usual sustained release of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant. The colour variations allow a stand-out or a blend in based bait.

Fjuka Floating Neeonz Hyper-Fluoro Hookbait

Fjuka Neeonz are floating versions of the normal Neeonz fluoro soft hookbaits. The bright colours are targeting the surface-feeding carp. Whilst floating on the water’s surface the attractants leak the usual Sensate™ Fish Accelerant.

Fjuka is marketing these as usable for trout and predator fish. However, they are also claiming they can be used for sea fishing, I am not in agreement with this claim as any attractant in a saltwater environment does not seem to be viable. It’s possible that fishing off the harbour wall for mullet or mackerel is an option worth trying.

Is Fjuka 2in1 A Fishing Pellet?

Fjuka bait is not really what I would call a pellet. They resemble a pellet shape but I would describe them as a version of a small pre-round-shaped plastic bait such as Berkely powerbait.

How To Use Fjuka Fishing Bait?

Straight out of the bag and onto the hook!

Fjuka 2 in 1 is a bait that is used on the hook and also for loose feeding due to its relatively low price tag.

Fjuka 2 in 1 has been on the market for almost three years. It is a brand of bait that looks like a pellet but feels like plasticine. It can be used straight from the bag as is. I personally prefer to shape it by pushing or rolling before putting it on the hook, making it look to mimic other baits.

Your bait size can be changed very easily to what you wish, making it very versatile.

Where And When To Use Fjuka?

The 3 bag pack combo comes in white, yellow, and red. It’s a soft feed pellet that’s a perfect hookbait.

A key plus point is that beginners will easily be able to use the 2in1. At the same time, experienced anglers will find it an extra option in their range of baits to add to their huge current stock!

This bait works well on your commercial-type lake fisheries for Carp, Tench, and Bream. Since it can be moulded to the size you want, this makes it great for big and smaller fish such as roach, rudd, and perch. I have also tried it on various fast and slow-moving rivers – deep and shallow with some success.

I found it’s both great fished at short or long distances and stays on the hook during a gentle long cast.

When fishing in more coloured water or in winter, the brighter colours are very effective.

I am still figuring out what works well in certain conditions and waters, having to remember what worked well last time can be a slight issue, mainly due to the different combos and shapes that can be tried. Over time I am starting to get this tuned in a bit better.

The White Fjuka 2in1 can be used as an alternative to bread by flattening the pellet and the Fjuka Red 2in1 rolled to a maggot style giving some options.

All Fjuka baits can be hooked hair-rigged or pellet banded, or be combined to make multi-coloured baits.

How To Store Fjuka Fishing Bait?

If you are not sure what to buy, try these fluoro bulk packs – Fjuka NeeonZ Hookbait Quad Pack

Once opened, Fjuka 2 in 1 will stay soft for 12 months. Don’t leave the pellets bag exposed and open, otherwise, you are going to be throwing them away. Keep them in a sealed bag or air-tight box to prevent them from going hard. This will also help the smell and attractants active.

I keep mine separate from each other which easily allows me to use what type I want on a particular trip. Try storing the Fjuka in plastic tubs and label the lids with the type and size. It makes them easy to transport and keeps them fresh for longer.

The apparent smell from 2in1 is from an attractant called Sensate, which gives off aroma and oils as they enter the water. The exact components are said to be secret.

What Is Fjuka Made From?

Since Fjuka is made from only human food-grade ingredients (no plastics, gums, waxes, or resins) then in theory the Fjuka bait should be safe for the fish. Let’s hope it really is a healthy, nutritious food that fish will love for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, some of us anglers are as finicky as fish sometimes! Resistance to change is a challenge for some of us.

Fjuka Fishing Baits are an interesting and innovative option for all types of fishermen, so go out and buy some and give them a try.  With the price at less than a pint of maggots, what have you got to lose? Throw a pack in your tackle box today.

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