Fishing In Argentina: The Ultimate Guide

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The fishing in Argentina is amazing and if you have the chance to go there on a fishing trip, you should take it as it will most likely be a trip of a lifetime. 

The reason the fishing in Argentina is so spectacular is not just because of the incredible species on offer and the chance of a trophy specimen. But also thanks to the stunning landscapes that you catch them in, which is about 75% of the joy of fishing in my eyes. 

Argentina is a huge country and home to a diverse range of landscapes from the jungle of the north to the Andes mountains and the windswept plains to the south in Tierra Del Fuego. Each of these locations holds some amazing fish waiting to be caught. 

Join me as I guide you through the species you can catch in Argentina, where to find them, ways to catch them, who to catch them with, and the best time of year to catch them too. 

By the time you have finished reading this article, you’ll know exactly what the fishing in Argentina has to offer and be ready to book a trip there. 

Top Fish To Catch In Argentina

Golden Dorado

All the fishing in Argentina is done in freshwater and each region of the country holds a different species of fish that is worth travelling around the world to target.

Here are the top fish to catch in Argentina: 

  • Sea-run Brown Trout 
  • Brown Trout 
  • Rainbow Trout 
  • Golden Dorado 
  • Pacu 

The sea-run brown trout in Argentina flood into the rivers when it’s time to spawn and there are tons of them. They are the biggest sea-run brown trout in the world averaging around 16lbs and a lot of fish hit the 20-25lb mark. 

The brown and rainbow trout in Patagonia in Argentina aren’t the biggest trout in the world but they are in spectacular condition. What makes it special is that you’re fishing for them in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, which is a huge part of the experience. Everyone should go to Patagonia once in their life, and why not fish while you’re there. 

In the warmer jungle waters of northern Argentina is where you find Golden Dorado and Pacu, two of the most exciting freshwater species to catch in the world. Golden Dorado are incredibly aggressive and when you hook them they jump and go absolutely crazy. 

Pacu are a bit like a freshwater permit and they tend to eat berries off the surface, so hooking them is one thing and when you see how big they are, you are in for quite a serious fight. 

As you can see, the range of species on offer is quite amazing and on a 4 week trip to Argentina, you can fish for them all while seeing all the amazing and different landscapes the country has to offer. 

Where To Go Fishing In Argentina 

Tierra Del Fuego 

You might have heard of Tierra Del Fuego but chances are you haven’t. Tierra Del Fuego is the southernmost region of Argentina where the tip of Argentina meets cape horn and the southern ocean and Atlantic collide. 

The landscape of Tierra Del Fuego is flat and covered in plains and within the plains are some amazing rivers holding some of the biggest sea-run brown trout in the world.

The best sea-run brown trout river in Tierra Del Fuego is the Rio Grande as the Río Grande boasts more giant sea-run brown trout per kilometre than any other river on the planet. 

You might think getting to Tierra Del Fuego is hard but you can actually get a direct 3-hour flight from Buenos Aires to Río Grande airport from which the river is just 30 minutes away. 


Patagonia Brown Trout

We have all heard of Patagonia, a stunning natural area that spans the Andes and stretches from Argentina over the Andes mountains and into Chile. It’s in Patagonia where you’ll find stunning trout fishing for both rainbows and browns. 

Just imagine a small mountainside lodge, crystal blue rivers, and mountains for as far as the eye can see. Now imagine you’re drifting along the river in a boat casting a line and you have what the Andes Mountains of Argentina have to offer. 

Paraná River, Corrientes

Way up north in Argentina, near to the town of Corrientes just near the Argentinian border with Paraguay, you’ll find the town of Corrientes and the Parana River. 

This northern end of Argentina is very different from the other parts mentioned above. It’s warm, alive with jungle, and lots of amazing birds, mammals, and reptile species. Visiting this part of Argentina is similar to being in the Amazon but it’s not quite in the amazon rainforest. 

The Parana River and the marshlands that surround it are packed full of golden dorado, pacu, and pira-pita. When you’re there you’ll be cruising around the river, surrounded by amazing wildlife throwing your line in the hope of catching some of the most aggressive and coolest freshwater fish on the planet. 

When To Go Fishing In Argentina 

Since the fishing in Argentina is so diverse both from a species perspective and in terms of locations the seasons for fishing vary based on each location. But, there is one time of year when you can fish for all three species and this is during the Argentinian summer between December and April. 

In December the sea-run brown trout start running into the Rio Grande in Tierra Del Fuego to spawn and they continue to stay in the river until April when they return back to the sea in May. 

December is also when the rivers of Patagonia are at the perfect level after the snow has melted and this is also when they have heated up enough for the trout to be active and for their food (insects) to start hatching. 

If you only want to go fishing for Golden Dorado and Pacu then you can go all year round. The northern part of Argentina around Corrientes sees warm weather all year and the fish are always hungry, so you have your pick of when to go when it comes to these species. 

But, if you want to catch a huge golden dorado then you should be there on either side of the spawning season which is October, March, and April. 

Best Methods To Catch Fish In Argentina 

Fly fishing in Argentina

Argentina is known as a fly fishing destination the world over and the preferred method of catching all the species on offer at the fishing lodges is with a fly rod. That being said, for some of the species, mainly trout and golden dorado, you can also use spinning rods but it might be frowned upon. 

When it comes to fly fishing for the sea-run brown trout in Tierra Del Fuego, you’ll be using a long spey rod and swinging flies through the deeper pools of the river. 

The trout in Patagonia will require a smaller 3-5 wt fly rod and delicately dropping dry flies, drifting nymphs, or stripping streamers through the crystal clear water. 

When it comes to the golden dorado, you’ll be stripping large baitfish flies across the river with an 8wt fly rod or winding in crankbaits with a spinning rod.

Fishing for Pacu is a little different and done by ‘plopping’ a dry fly that looks like a berry on the surface and waiting for them to sip it off the top of the water. 

How To Book Your Fishing Trip To Argentina 

There is one amazing fishing company that has the best lodges in every part of Argentina and their name is Nervous Waters. 

They have two lodges in Tierra Del Fuego for the sea-run brown trout, two lodges in Patagonia, and four lodges near Corrientes from which you can go after golden dorado and pacu. 

Nervous Waters is the original fishing lodge company in Argentina and they provide 5-star service with awesome guides, amazing accommodation, great boats, and incredible food. 

I used to manage one of their lodges and I have to say, they know how to do fishing hospitality and are one of the best in the world at it. Their prices are high but you’ll get the most out of your trip. 

Fishing Regulations In Argentina 

The fishing regulations in Argentina require every angler to hold a license in order to go fishing. The licenses are issued by region and therefore you will need to hold a license for every region you intend to fish in. 

You can buy a license online so it’s not very hard and you’ll find all the information on how right here

If you are booking with a fishing operator like Nervous Waters then they will have sorted out all the licensing for you as part of the booking so you won’t need to worry about it. 

Casting Out 

Thanks so much for reading my article. I hope you found it useful and now know everything you need to know about the fishing opportunities in Argentina, when to go there, and who to fish with while you’re there. 

Argentina is an amazing country to visit (even without the fishing) but if you do manage to hit all the species and environments in one trip or in a lifetime, you’ll create some moments you will never forget. 

Find out more on fishing vacations around the world by checking out my other articles.

Jamie Melvin