7 Best Spinner Baits For Catching Big Bass To Get You More Bites

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When it comes to catching bass, you need a range of different lures to match the situation and seasons, and one of the best lures for bass is the spinner bait. 

Spinnerbaits provide an excellent profile and a spinning blade or two that catches the light and reflects it while vibrating simultaneously. This makes a ton of commotion in the water and attracts bass from large distances; big bass can not refuse them. 

But, as you will know, being a lure fisherman, not all lures are made the same, and thus, one can be more effective than the next. The same goes for spinnerbaits! Some can’t stop catching fish, while others fail miserably. 

Our Best Spinnerbaits For Catching Bass 

Join me as we take a look at the best bass spinnerbaits on the market right now. If I were you, I’d buy one of each of them, but I’m a lure addict! Here are my personal choices for the best bass spinnerbaits. 

Northland Tackle RRTW4C-1015 Reed-Runner Classic Tandem Spinnerbait

The first spinnerbait we are going to look at that is super effective when it comes to catching bass is the Northland Tackle RRTW4C-1015 Reed-Runner Classic Tandem Spinnerbait. 

This option is designed beautifully to make any angler’s life easier out on the water. It is made for fishing around heavy cover and doesn’t snag easily. Plus, the wire bend is tangle-proof, so you spend more time fishing and less time untangling. 

The wire is made from durable stainless steel, which doesn’t rust and will last a long time even after being attacked by a big bass. 

The double spinning blades, great skirt profile, and the redhead make bass so aggressive to this lure. The blades work together to reflect and send vibrations through the water, bringing any bass out of hiding. Once they see the redhead and the skirt profile, they can’t help but attack.

When they do eat this lure, they will find a super sharp hook that will easily penetrate their hard mouths and stay strong throughout the fight. The one issue with this lure is that it doesn’t come in a range of colors so you only have one option, chartreuse, which is luckily a great color for bass. 


  • Top-quality stainless hook 
  • Super sharp for a good hook set 
  • Stainless wire frame for durability 
  • Tangle-proof wire bend to keep you fishing 
  • It doesn’t snag in heavy cover and weed
  • Makes a lot of noise to attract bass 
  • It incorporates a red lip to trigger aggression from bass 
  • Affordable for the quality 


  • Not many color options 


Weight: 1/4 oz 

Colors: Chartreuse & white 

No. of Spinners: 2 

Hook: Single 

BOOYAH Pond Magic SmallWater Spinnerbait

The Booyah Pond Magic SmallWater Spinnerbait is another excellent spinnerbait for catching bass but instead of having two blades, it just had one. 

The blade on these are colored, unlike other spinnerbaits, and it is colored in line with the skirt of the bait. You will find more than 20 colors to choose from, all with matching blades that make spooky fish change their minds and attack. 

The blade spins very well, and it does a great job of getting the attention of bass in the river or lake you’re fishing on. 

This small-size option is light, making it ideal for casting accurately into tight pockets. It works particularly well in the early season but also during the rest of the season. 

To top it all off, it has a super storing and sharp Mustad hook that makes hook sets easy and will not bend in the fight. Any bass you hook will stay stuck with this option.

The one issue with this spinnerbait is that your line can slide off the bend, so ensure you tie it securely on properly. 


  • Colored blade for excites fish 
  • It comes with a super sharp Mustad hook 
  • The hook is quality and won’t bend 
  • Great range of color options 
  • Bass get excited by this lure 
  • Nice small size for finesse fishing 
  • Durable wire frame that lasts 
  • Blade spins well 


  • The line can slide up the bend 


Weight: 1/8 oz 

Colors: 20 to choose from 

No. of Spinners: 1

Hook: Single 

Terminator Super Stainless Spinnerbait 

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The Terminator Super Stainless Spinnerbait is awesome for catching bass when you need to fish deep or when you need to cast a long distance. 

The particular version is quite heavy, weighing in at ⅜ oz, which means it will get to the bottom quickly and that you can cast it way out. Once fishing it along the bottom, you can really feel it bouncing while you’re working it, meaning you can get the perfect action to entice a strike. 

This spinnerbait also features a half skirt for a narrower profile, which bass seem to be unable to resist. Combine this with the dual blades, one in bronze and one in silver, and you have a spinnerbait that really does its job. 

The bronze and silver blades both vibrate, attracting fish, but the different colors provide different colored light reflections to entice bass that have seen normal spinnerbaits before. 

It comes with a heavy-duty VMC black nickel hook. VMC hooks are super strong and super sharp, so hook sets are easy, and once hooked, that bass isn’t going anywhere. 

The only drawback is that this spinnerbait comes in a single color (although it is a great one) and is quite expensive compared to others. But this is balanced out by its durability as it lasts for more than a few bass without anything breaking. Within the huge range of terminator lures, you can purchase different weights and colors that you prefer.


  • Compact profile bass love
  • Great for bottom hopping 
  • Quality VMC hook that doesn’t bend 
  • Dual spinners make a lot of noise 
  • Bass can hear it from far away 
  • Dual-colored spinners for more attraction
  • Super sharp hook 
  • Heavy for long casts and fishing deep 


  • More expensive than others 


Weight: 3/8 oz

Colors: Blue/Gold/Yellow 

No. of Spinners: 2 

Hook: Single 

Booyah Moontalker Spinnerbait 

Another great spinnerbait from Booyah that is super effective at catching bass is their Moontalker Spinnerbait. 

The moonwalker comes in various weights and colors, allowing you to choose the best weight/color combo that suits your bass waters. All the colors available are a mix of black and other colors, which is done intentionally. 

The black in the skirt ensures that bass can see this spinnerbait in low light conditions at dusk and dawn, hence the name “Moontalker,” but it also works very well in dirty water conditions. 

The profile of the skirt is also excellent across all sizes, and when that spinner blade gets going, it makes a ton of noise that brings the bass out of its layers. 

Like many others, it comes with a high-quality Mustad hook that is super strong and extremely sharp, making hook sets as easy as possible. No bass is going to bend this hook, either. 

Compared to some of the others, the one drawback is that it is a little more expensive, but its durability will balance the costs without a doubt. 


  • It comes in a range of weights and colors 
  • Includes a quality Mustad hook 
  • It has a great profile bass love 
  • Works best at dusk or dawn or night 
  • Super sharp hook for easy setting 
  • Great for fishing deep and long casts 
  • Makes a load of noise in the water 


  • More expensive than others 


Weight: ½, ¾, ⅜ oz  

Colors: 4 combinations to choose from 

No. of Spinners: 1

Hook: Single 

Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait 

When it comes to buying lures, you have to have a range of sizes, weights, and colors to appease the appetite of whatever species you’re going for. The Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait is smaller than others and is perfect for when bass are feeding on smaller fry. 

This spinnerbait doesn’t just work well for bass; its smaller size makes it very appealing to other species like crappie so that you can target multiple species with them. 

It comes with a diamond spinner blade that, once it gets going, makes a hell of a noise, and the diamond coating reflects light exceptionally well. This makes it an awesome choice for catching bass since they can’t resist coming to check it out. 

The skirt on this Min-King is made from quality silicone that creates a great profile in the water and stands up well to attacks from a bass. The hook is also durable but doesn’t arrive very sharp, so be sure to sharpen it when it arrives. 

You can choose from more than 15 colors to match whatever colors work best where you fish, and there are two weights to choose from, too. The wireframe is also excellent and doesn’t bend easily when the bass hits it. 


  • Diamond blade for max flash and vibrations 
  • Attracts a lot of fish by making lots of noise
  • It comes in a large range of colors 
  • Two weight options to choose from 
  • Good for fishing shallow or deep
  • A quality silicone skirt provides a great profile 
  • Works well for species other than bass 
  • Quality hook that doesn’t bend 


  • The hook tends to need sharpening before you use it 


Weight: ⅛, ¼ oz 

Colors: 15 to choose from 

No. of Spinners: 1

Hook: Single 

Nichols Lures Pulsator Metal Flake Double Willow Spinnerbait

One of the highest quality spinnerbaits for catching bass out there is, without a doubt, the Nichols Lures Pulsator Metal Flake Double Willow Spinnerbait. Each one of these spinnerbaits is handmade one at a time, which speaks volumes. 

If you’re looking for an option that makes a ton of noise, this is the one! It has two spinner blades spinning perfectly, catching the light and vibrating like crazy! Every bass in the vicinity of this spinnerbait is going to come and take a look. 

Being handmade, all Nichols options are super durable and feature a chip-resistant metal flake finish on the blades that doesn’t fade. It is an awesome quality skirt, too. The hook inside is an extra-sharp Mustad needlepoint, making hook sets much easier than many cheaper lures. 

This spinnerbait also features 3D molded eyes to make it look as realistic as possible, and it comes with a durable wire frame plus a load of different weights and colors. You can find the right color, weight, and size combinations for every bass fishing situation. 

The only negative to these lures is that they are expensive, which makes sense considering they are handmade. Their build quality and ability to handle multiple fish will make your money back quickly, though. 


  • Super sharp Mustad needle point hook 
  • High-quality durable finish on blades and head 
  • Hand-made for superior quality
  • Stainless steel wire frame lasts 
  • Great range of weights and colors 
  • An option for all bass fishing situations 
  • 3D molded eyes make it very realistic 
  • It attracts bass with all the noise it makes 
  • The Skirt lasts for a lot of fish 


  • A little expensive 


Weight: ½, ⅜, ¼ oz 

Colors: 14 to choose from 

No. of Spinners: 2 

Hook: Single 

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait 

Another beautiful spinnerbait for catching bass is the Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait. This is a spinner bait that is renowned for catching big size bass of the 4lb mark and over. 

This lure is so effective due to the combination of the color options, profile, and the two spinner blades. The spinner blades work excellently as a team, one spinning, reflecting light, and making vibrations while the other reflects light and hits the wireframe for some extra noise. 

This creates a range of sounds that most bass who have seen spinnerbaits haven’t heard, and when you combine this with the great skirt colors and durable wire frame, it’s a hard spinner bait to beat. 

The range of weights allows you to cast long and short distances accurately, and you can bottom bounce the Strike King Finesse well, too. The skirt also provides an amazing profile, which adds to the list of when bass love to go after these versatile spinnerbaits. 

This lure comes with a super sharp and durable hook, so you can set the hook easily and know it won’t bend while pulling them out of heavy cover. Again, this is an expensive option, but believe me, its durable build pays back the investment.  


  • Makes a lot of vibrations and reflections 
  • Attracts bass from long distances 
  • Very realistic-looking skirt 
  • Two blades for the extra commotion 
  • Good range of colors and weights 
  • Casts good distances 
  • Works well when fishing deep 
  • It is durable and handles a few fish 
  • Big bass love them! 
  • The hook sets very well 


  • Expensive 


Weight: ½, ⅜ oz 

Colors: 10 to choose from 

No. of Spinners: 2 

Hook: Single 

How Do You Choose Spinnerbaits For Your Tackle Box?

When buying lures for your tackle box, the key is a variety to match different fishing situations so you can match what the bass want to eat and where in the water they are eating them. 

Sometimes bass eat small fish in the shallows; other times, it’s big fish off the bottom. You must also adjust to water clarity, temperature, cover, and fishing location. Here is what to consider when buying a range of spinnerbaits for catching bass: 


The weight of your spinnerbaits affects two things – fishing depth and casting distance. Heavier spinnerbaits are great for casting long and fishing deep. This is great when bass are feeding close to the bottom, and you’re fishing on a big lake or river. 


Color is an important consideration, as dark or bright colors are easier to see in dirty water or low-light conditions. While these colors will spook fish when used on bright sunny days in clear water so it’s best to ensure you have a range of dark, bright, and natural colors. 


You have to choose between a spinner bait with one or two blades. Two blades make much more noise, making it easier for bass to find your lure; however, too much noise can also be a problem in clear waters with spooky fish. 

Be sure to have single and dual spinner blade options to match the range of waters you are fishing in. 


Bass tend to eat whatever is most prevalent in the water at a given time in the season, which can be small or large prey. Make sure you have big and small spinnerbaits available for use so you can match the hatch, so to speak. 

Winding Up 

Thanks for reading my article. I hope you found it useful and have found the right spinner bait for catching bass and other species. 

As always, you are going to need more than one spinnerbait in your tackle box to change up and match what the bass wants to eat, so be sure to buy a range of weights, colors, and spinner blade combinations to match. 

If there were three choices I would buy first out of the ones featured in my personal favorite list above, it would be the Strike King Finesse KVD, the superb handmade and detailed Nichols Lures Pulsator Metal Flake Double Willow, and the Terminator Super Stainless.

Between these three awesome bass spinners, so long as you buy them in various weights and colors, this will cover you for almost every bass fishing situation. 

Please check out my other articles on bass fishing, including the best lure picks for bass fishing for every bass fishing trip and a back-to-basics article on identifying the major bass types found in North America.

Jamie Melvin