8 Affordable Options To Buy Quality Fishing Gear

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As a fellow angler, I know buying new fishing gear can be expensive. There is an alternative for some unable or unwilling to spend lots of money on the latest gear.

Many people who enjoy the outdoors go through phases of activities they enjoy and then quickly move on to the next one.

Fishing is no different; hundreds or even thousands of dollars of gear get placed into storage or put on sale. This is the perfect opportunity for diehard anglers to scoop up gear for a majorly discounted price. 

In this article, I will cover the following:

  • People And Places To Trust When Buying Fishing Gear
  • Where To Find Affordable Gear 
  • Where To Avoid When Looking For Affordable Gear 

Who To Trust When Buying Affordable Gear? 

Affordable fishing gear is often going to be used. However, this is not always the case! Depending on where and how you’re shopping, you’ll be surprised at how cheap you can find new gear. 

Be Careful Of Certain Online Fishing Stores 

You have to be wary when shopping for affordable fishing gear online. While there are fewer scams than there used to be, you’ll still find people creating websites and selling gear, which seems shockingly affordable. If it’s a website you’ve never heard of and the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is. 

A quick search of the website in question will provide you with plenty of information about whether or not the website is legitimate. People will review websites and warn future customers not to purchase with them! 

You must be extremely careful if you purchase something from eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Do your research on the price of the gear you’re purchasing. Ask why they’re selling it so cheap if it feels like an unbelievable bargain.

Again, these websites allow customers to leave reviews of sellers. If they have poor reviews, it’s likely because they’re scamming people. Make sure you’re getting legitimate gear. It’s not worth getting scammed when you could have paid a bit more. 

Another giveaway of a scam is if the website or company doesn’t allow returns or offer a warranty.

Now, there are times when companies are doing a closeout sale and won’t accept a return, but more often than not, they will. You want to have the option of returning your gear in case it isn’t exactly what you need. 

Where To Find Affordable Fishing Gear? 

The neighborhood yard sale is a great place to look

There are conventional ways to find affordable fishing gear and some more unconventional ways to find affordable fishing gear. Depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in, you’ll be surprised at how much quality and affordable gear you can find. 

Buying Fishing Gear At Garage Sales 

Garage Sales may seem like a thing from a pre-internet world, but they’re still some of the most productive places to find affordable gear.

Whether it’s an older couple looking to downsize and get rid of some outdoor gear in the process or a young family with little time to fish, you’ll likely find some good gear. 

You have to be calculated where you go to find the right garage sales. You’ll struggle to find gear if you aren’t located near fishable areas. If you can, make a trip to an area where fishing is common. Whether it’s a lake community or a more wealthy community, you’ll likely find yourself with plenty of options for fishing gear. 

The beautiful thing about garage sales is that people sell things to get rid of them. You’ll not find overly expensive things, and the sellers hope to move as much product as possible. Take advantage of these opportunities when you can. 

Tip: One big advantage of garage sales is that you can view and check all the conditions of the gear you want to buy firsthand

Buying Fishing Gear On Facebook Marketplace 

Everyone has their opinion of Facebook, but despite the controversies, it’s a great place to find used fishing gear at a wonderful price. You can set a location near you and search for whatever product you need. You’ll be shocked at the amount of gear you can find close to you. 

You can review sellers on Facebook, so keep that in mind as you look at the gear you want to purchase. If they’ve scammed people in the past, reviewers will be sure to let other customers know so they don’t go through the same issues. 

No matter how random or small of an item you need, search for it. If you’re willing to drive, you can extend the distance of your search area. 

Buying Fishing Gear On Craigslist

Craigslist was one of the first platforms people could use to sell their used possessions. It’s not as popular as Facebook, but you can use that to your advantage. You can find great used goods from people that are plenty trustworthy and reliable. 

When using Craigslist, you’re more limited to larger cities, so keep that in mind and always go and take a look first at what’s on offer!

Buying Fishing Gear On eBay 

eBay is an online option for you to buy affordable fishing gear. eBay is the place to look if you’re looking for a unique product or one that may have been discontinued.

You’ll find that almost everything you need will be available on it. You’ll find it at a discounted price and have what you need in a couple of days. Any tackle, rod, reel, and fishing accessory you could ever want is an option. 

There is some risk in buying on eBay; not being able to see the items is a major red flag, in my opinion, for items such as rods and reels.

Buying Fishing Gear From Friends And Family 

You never know who will have a stash of fishing gear in their garage or shed that isn’t being used. Most people are always looking to get rid of things and not have random gear taking up space.

Ask friends, neighbors, and even family members if they have any gear they’re looking to sell or get rid of if they would be willing. 

This is probably one of the safest ways of getting hold of some affordable fishing gear with almost zero risk!

Other Fishing Gear Online Buying Options 

Karl’s bait and tackle, discount tackle, and angling direct are great affordable online fishing store options. If you have a favorite brand, like Orvis or Shimano, head directly to their website and look at the sales tab. 

Likewise, Amazon fishing gear has a good selection at fair pricing and offers discounts and money-back guarantees. They’ll often have previous year models for a massively discounted price.  Also, the ease of ordering, payment, and the review system makes Amazon an excellent resource for fishing tackle.

Lastly, look for online super discount sales such as Black Friday shopping deals or pre and post-Xmas sales to find some excellent bargains.

Places To Avoid When Looking For Affordable Gear 

There are definitely places you will want to avoid if you’re searching for affordable gear. You’ll find that many stores charge more than they should, and it’s sometimes a challenge to find something you want. 

Big Box Stores

Big box stores are rarely where you’ll find affordable fishing gear. Their prices will be slightly higher due to their higher expenses to stay afloat.

You’ll find that almost every online store will be more affordable than a big box store like Walmart, Dicks, Sportsmans Warehouse, and Academy. They’re mainly going only to carry new gear, and you won’t have access to any older models or discounted prices. 

Whether you’re purchasing tackle or bait, big box stores are not the best options. They will not provide you with the prices you want or the gear selection you may need. 

If you go to Walmart to buy your fishing license, it’s worth looking at what fishing gear is on sale while you are in the store.

Buying Fishing Tackle From Physical Stores In The UK

For those reading this article from the UK, it is not too much of a concern. Everything can be bought online through great fishing tackle stores and with great bargains, especially on older models or excess stocks.

These stores in the UK have online and physical locations so you can get the best deals!

Buying Gear From Local Fishing Stores 

The local tackle shop – buy bait is always a great deal, BUT they don’t always have the best prices on fishing gear!

Purchasing gear from small and local fishing stores can be controversial. You will have people who strongly support these local shops and do their best to only buy gear from them.

Local fishing stores are what keep fishing accessible and allow many anglers to be successful. However, you’re rarely going to find affordable gear in these stores. They have high-quality gear but will charge more to sustain their operation. 

Tip: Use your local store for bait, accessories, and smaller items. They still need our support!

Rods, reels, packs, and other accessories can be especially expensive. However, you’re likely to find bait and other accessories from local dealers that can be great keepsakes and even provide you with more luck on the water. 

However, if supporting local businesses is a passion of yours, then you should continue! It’s always good to do what you can. 

Final Thoughts

Not everyone can afford the latest gear and gadgets every year. Fishing gear can last a long time if taken care of. If you’re strapped for cash, try the options I have mentioned above.

If you’re patient and use any of the resources mentioned above, you’ll find that you’ll have a chance to score some spectacular deals on discount sales or used gear.

Please check out my review articles on fishing gear which will help you find the suitable rods, my best reel selections, and various accessories for every angler.

Daniel Mooers