Angling In Comfort: Choosing A Fishing Chair (With Recommendations)

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When you’re fishing, it’s undeniable that you have to spend a lot of time waiting for bites. Being on the bank for several hours and sitting patiently requires a quality, comfortable fishing chair. Standing around or sitting on a soggy bank isn’t very appealing. You wouldn’t last long on the water and would probably head home much earlier than expected.

That’s when a quality fishing chair comes into play. Sitting in comfort, enjoying nature and letting your mind wander while you wait for a fish to take the bait, you’ll be there until sunset, not just until lunch!

What To Consider When Choosing A Fishing Chair

When considering the best fishing chairs, there are several takeaways to keep in mind to ensure you get the most suitable chair for your fishing needs:

Comfort and Support: A fishing chair should provide ample comfort and support for long hours of sitting. Look for chairs with padded seats, backrests and adjustable features to suit your body.

Comfort is key to enjoying your fishing and sitting in it all day. Comfort for me comes from support, padding, and stability. Ensure the chair you choose has what you need to stay comfortable and fish for at least a full day. The Wychwood Tactical X Standard Chair ticks all the boxes for comfort.

Portability: Since fishing often involves travelling to different spots, a portable chair that is lightweight and easy to carry is essential.

Nothing is worse than owning a fishing chair that is a pain to carry around. If it doesn’t fold up small, storing it at home, getting in the car, and carrying it will be a pain. Chances are you won’t even use it if this is the case. 

Ensure the chair is light enough to carry and packs down neatly so you can easily get it from A to B. 

Durability: The materials used in the construction of the fishing chair should be durable and able to withstand outdoor elements, particularly if you fish in various weather conditions. Look for chairs made with sturdy frames and high-quality fabrics.

When you buy any fisherman chair, you want it to last, and all five options in this article are durable as they are built with a steel frame and excellent denier fabrics. 

Versatility: Some fishing chairs have additional features that make them versatile, such as the ability to recline or swivel, enhancing your fishing experience.

Extra Features: Consider chairs with extra features such as rod holders, cup holders, side tables, or storage pockets. These provide you with a more organized feel.

Affordability: As usual with fishing gear, you get what you pay for, but luckily, my choices are value-for-money options over a few price ranges. Some are over £100, but most are around in the £50 range and, therefore, quite affordable for most anglers. 

In this article, we look at our five best fishing chair recommendations for 2024 so you can choose the one that works best for you or your fishing partner. 

Daiwa Black Widow Carp Chair – My Best Budget Carp Chair!

The Daiwa Black Widow Carp Chair is an excellent all-around fishing chair as it’s comfortable, durable, affordable, and portable, although it is a little heavy. 

The black widow comes with a powder-coated steel frame, meaning it’s tough and will handle a lot of weight, while the coating ensures it doesn’t rust over time. 

But, it’s the steel frame that makes it a little heavy at 4.1 kg, but surprisingly, it’s not as heavy as others, and if you wanted a super light chair, you’d be paying more for a weaker material like aluminium. If you are a big-size angler, this solid construction is a great choice.

The chair comes with a padded seat and backrest that is well cushioned to ensure you’re comfortable while you’re fishing. The backrest is also at an excellent angle to provide ample support and, therefore, more comfort on long fishing days. 

The legs are adjustable; therefore, you can ensure you sit at optimal height for looking over the water. Combine this with the swivel mud feet, and you have a recipe for stability so you can be sure the chair isn’t going to slip and slide around. 

The chair folds up, and the legs close up and lock, making the chair quite small and portable. Getting it in and out of a car and carrying it to your swim is easy. 


  • Durable, long-lasting steel frame 
  • Packs down small for portability 
  • Excellent cushioning for all-day fishing comfort 
  • Great backrest for extra comfort 
  • Extendable legs for the perfect height over the water 
  • Swivel mud feet for excellent stability 
  • Affordable for the quality that you get 


  • A little heavy for carrying long distances 


  • Weight: 4.1 kg 
  • Packed Size: 67cm x 52cm x 17cm
  • Leg Length: 33 cm – 41 cm 
  • Seat size: 43 x 51.5cm

Shakespeare Deluxe Folding Armchair – My Best Fishing Partner Chair! 

The Shakespeare Deluxe Folding Armchair is another great fishing chair, especially if you want something light, portable, and affordable. 

The Shakespeare deluxe chair is built from 600D polyester with a folding frame. The polyester is thick, tough, and water-resistant, so it will last for many years. Setting it up is easy; all you need to do is unfold it, and you’re ready. 

It has several convenient features, such as a built-in drinks holder on an armrest and two gear pockets, one on the back of the chair and one under the seat. This makes having everything you need close by and organized pretty easy. 

The one major selling point is how light and portable it is. It collapses into a tiny packed size, and it’s light enough to sling onto your shoulder and carry to your fishing spot. 

The major downside is the lack of padding and support on a long fishing day. You might get a bit achy sitting in this for a full day of fishing. 

This Shakespeare folding armchair is perfect for your non-fishing partner to sit beside you while fishing. My wife uses this chair when she comes along with me, and she finds it sturdy and great for reading a book or using her iPad.


  • Lightweight and packs down small 
  • Super portable 
  • Built from durable 600D polyester 
  • Includes a built-in drink holder 
  • Mesh pockets behind and under the seat for tackle storage 
  • Affordable and will last for years 


  • Less padding  than other options
  • Can get uncomfortable on long days 


  • Weight: 2.4 kg 
  • Packed Size: 86 x 20 cm
  • Leg Length: 40 cm 
  • Seat size: 46 x 40 cm 

JRC Defender Armchair – My Best Value Chair!

The ​​JRC Defender Armchair is another excellent fishing chair, as it’s super comfy, portable, affordable, and durable. I would get this one if I were buying a new fishing chair. 

The construction is built from a tough powder-coated steel frame that handles corrosion very well and isn’t going to bend or buckle even after years of use. The fabric on the seat is a high-D polyester that sits over high-density foam, so no matter the weather, this fishing chair will be comfy and survive. 

The padding on the seat is excellent, providing you with ample support and comfort while you’re fishing. The backrest also provides a lot of back support, and there is even a head/neck pad so you can sink back and enjoy your surroundings. Plus, the armrests only add to this, as having a chair with armrests is always more comfortable than having one without. 

The legs are fully adjustable in terms of height so that you can get a good viewing height across the water, and the swivel mud feet ensure that you will be stable on slippery banks. 

The Defender does fold up for portability, and you’ll have no issues putting it in the boot of your car, but it is quite heavy at 5.2 kg to carry to the water. 


  • Durably built from steel and polyester 
  • Padded seat for extra comfort 
  • Super supportive backrest 
  • Legs are adjustable for the perfect height 
  • It comes with mud feet for stability 
  • It folds up for portability 
  • Includes comfy armrests 


  • A little heavy to carry long distances 


  • Weight: 5.2 kg 
  • Packed Size: 58 x 83 cm 
  • Leg Length: Adjustable 
  • Seat Size: 58 x 45 cm 

Wychwood Tactical X Standard Chair – My Best Overall Chair! 

The Wychwood Tactical X Standard Chair is an awesome fishing chair, and it’s probably the most comfortable of all the fishing chairs featured in this review, but it does come at a higher price. 

The thing that makes this fishing chair so comfortable is the reclining backrest, which allows you to adjust the backrest to your perfect angle. This is the only fishing chair in this review with this reclining fishing chair feature, and we all know how much extra comfort comes from reclining when you want to. 

The seat and backrest are also well-padded, meaning you can sit comfortably all day without any worries. It’s also built from tough and durable fabric, so it can easily handle getting wet and wear and tear. 

The frame on the tactical X is made from coated steel like all the others, which makes it durable but heavy to carry, weighing in at 5.5 kg. But, regarding portability, the chair does a good job since it folds up flat. 

The legs are fully adjustable in height, so they can always sit above the water and fit flat on uneven terrain. The legs also come with mud feet to ensure stability in mushy ground conditions. 

Overall, it’s a great chair that is super comfy for any fishing method. This is the chair I own and use for pleasure and carp fishing. Whilst it has no armrests, this helps give more access to the rod at the side of the chair and a better striking ability to prevent missing bites or knocking your rod against the arms. Due to the comfort, fully adjustable and solid construction, this is the perfect chair for those who use a bivvy shelter whilst fishing for long hours.


  • Made from top-quality steel and polyester 
  • It is durable and will last a lot of seasons 
  • Padded seat and backrest for comfort 
  • Reclining backrest for ultimate back support and comfort
  • Adjustable legs for getting the ideal height 
  • Mud feet for solid stability 
  • Foldable for portability
  • Great chair for carp fishing 


  • Slightly more expensive than others 
  • Quite heavy to carry around 


  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Packed Size: NA 
  • Leg Length: 35 – 45 cm
  • Seat Size: 48 x 58 cm

Korum S23 Accessory Chair – My Most Versatile Chair!

The Korum S23 Accessory Chair is a little different compared to the other chairs featured as it comes with a square frame that the chair sits on. What’s good about that, you might ask? 

Well, the square frame allows you to create a level seat no matter the terrain of the bank you are fishing on. This frame also allows you to add accessories such as rod or bait holders, hence the name “accessory chair”.

The seat is made from a breathable, deluxe padded mattress to ensure you don’t sit sweaty on hot days. It’s made from 600D Korum fabric, which is super durable, handles wear easily and is water-resistant. 

From a stability perspective, this fishing chair is pretty out of this world, as between the frame and the mud feet, you’ll be more secure than ever. 

In terms of portability, this chair is also top of the line as it weighs only 2.3 kg, so carrying it is easy, and it packs down small, too, so getting in your car is simple too. The Korum S23 is the lightest chair on our list and one of the super lightweight fishing chairs in 2024.

The one drawback to the Korum S23 is its cost, as it’s almost double the price of the other recommendations, but that is what you get when top-quality, durable, lightweight materials are used instead. 

Another point to consider with the Korum is that the setup time is slightly longer than the others due to the adjustable legs and square frame. 

Lastly, there is an option to purchase the Preston Korum S23 (k0300022), which features a new reclining armrest system; if you don’t want the armrests, they can be easily moved on one or both sides of the chair. The deluxe model also has a new telescopic leg system, which gives greater adjustment.


  • Vertical adjustable leg design for the perfect height 
  • Padded mattress seat for great comfort 
  • Durable build that lasts 
  • Adjustable armrests 
  • Includes a rod holder 
  • You can add accessories with ease 
  • 4 legs adjustable for steep backs 
  • Swivelling mud feet for stability
  • Built to be as lightweight as possible


  • Quite expensive 


  • Weight: 3.5 kg 
  • Packed Size: NA
  • Leg Length: 50 cm
  • Seat Size: 47 x 58 cm 

Sitting Up 

If you haven’t picked a fishing chair yet due to uncertainty, I highly recommend the JRC Defender armchair since it offers the perfect balance of affordability, durability, portability, and comfort. This option will keep you happy while fishing and last for years, too. 

If you want comfort as your top priority, go for the Wychwood Tactical X Standard Chair, as its adjustable reclining feature enables better positioning by your rods.

Remember to choose a chair that balances the aspects according to your fishing style and the environments you typically fish in. Why not check out some of our other fishing accessory articles, covering a full range of reviews on items such as bivvy, umbrellas, and fishing cradles.

Steve Fitzjohn