Deeper Fish Finder Complete Review: Are They Any Good?

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Fish finder technology has come a long way as years ago you would need a boat and a 12-volt battery to power a fish finder. But, these days, you can use a rechargeable fish finder from the shore. How amazing is that! 

Deeper is the brand that is leading the way when it comes to portable fish finders you can use anywhere from on a boat to on the shore. Their range of fish finders is quite comprehensive and covers everything all anglers need in a portable fish finder, but which Deeper Fishfinder is right for you? 

Join me, as I run through all the Deeper fish finder options from the Deeper Start, the Pro and Pro+, and Pro+2 to the Deeper CHIRP so you can decide which of these awesome portable fish finders is right for your fishing needs. 

How Do Deeper Fish Finders Work? 

Before we dive into all the different fish finders in the Deeper Series, let’s first discuss how they work, as there is common ground across all of them. 

All the Deeper fish finders come with a rechargeable transducer unit that is around the size of a tennis ball. The unit connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet through the Deeper App and uses your phone/tablet as the fish finder display. 

Once connected, you can then cast the Deeper unit into a lake, river, or sea, and slowly wind it in to see depth changes, fish, and the fish’s depth. The Deeper Pro range is perfect for all specimen hunters for use on carp fishing syndicates. You also have the option of trolling the Deeper unit behind a boat and using it like a regular fish finder which makes them perfect for picking up good size bass shoals. 

These truly are the answer to a portable fish finder we anglers have been looking for. 

The Deeper Series 

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are 5 different fish finders in the Deeper Series including the Deeper Start, the Pro, Pro+, and Pro+2, and the Deeper CHIRP. 

We will first look at the Deeper Start as it is the most basic and affordable model and slowly build up from there. 

Deeper Start Fish Finder 

The Deeper Start is the most affordable and basic Deeper portable fish finder which makes it the easiest one to use in the series. 

Once paired to your phone or tablet and put in the water it will tell you the depth, water temperature, changing bottom contours and bottom type, and show you any fish that are swimming under it too. 

This is all very valuable information and it is displayed in your hands on your phone/tablet. You have the choice to use the basic view which creates fish icons with depth labels and shows vegetation shading, making it very easy to read or you can use the detailed view which looks more like a high-end fish finder.  

This fish finder has a maximum depth range of 165 feet which is more than enough for most shore anglers and boat anglers to boot. The connection range is also 165 feet meaning you can cast the unit out 165 feet from the shore and it should give you a reading but in practice, it is quite a bit less than this. 

The battery life is pretty solid at 6 hours but it might only last 5.5 hours in some cases, so don’t depend on 6 hours all the time. 

The main issue with this more basic model is the target separation. Target separation is key when you want to identify a shoal of small bait fish or a large stand-alone fish. Since the target separation is quite low on this unit, chances are it will flag shoals of small fish as big fish you want to catch quite often. 

Overall, the Deeper Start provides a lot of excellent fishing information that helps you catch more fish at a much more affordable price than the other models, so it is a great place to start. 


Max. depth: 165 feet

Max. range: 165 feet

Transducer beam angle: 40 degrees

Frequency: 120 kHz

Battery life: up to 6 hours

Charging time: 2.5 hours


  • Easy to use 
  • Very affordable 
  • Simple to understand the display
  • Detailed and basic display settings
  • Quite good at finding fish 
  • Best Deeper for beginners 


  • The connection range is less than 165 feet 
  • Poor target separation
  • Not really suitable for ice fishing 

Deeper PRO, PRO+, And Pro+2 Fish Finder 

If you have had a quick look at the specs below and compared them to the Deeper Start you will have noticed that the Deeper Pro fish finder and Pro+ fish finder take things to the next level. 

Both of these units come with a boatload of more sonar technology and can therefore read to a larger maximum depth of 260 feet and have a much larger connection range of 330 feet too. 

This allows you to use the Deeper Pro and Pro+ in deeper environments and further away from the shore too. 

You will notice that the Deeper Pro and Pro+ come with two beam angles and two frequencies which both operate at the same time. This takes a larger more detailed reading of what is below the surface. 

With a target separation of 1 inch, you will get a ton of detail about the fish you are seeing and easily be able to tell the difference between a shoal of bait fish, smaller, and larger fish. 

The Deeper Pro and Pro+ do all of this while still offering the same features as the Deeper Start. It will show you the depth, water temperature, bottom contours, and bottom type on your phone/tablet. You can also switch between basic and detailed views to make it easier to read if you are a beginner. 


Maximum depth: 260 feet

Maximum range: 330 feet

Transducer beam angle: 15 and 55 degrees

Frequency: 90 kHz and 290 kHz

Target separation: 1”

Battery life: up to 6 hours

Charging time: 2 hours


  • Much larger range of 330ft 
  • Greater maximum depth of 260 feet 
  • Still easy to use 
  • Excellent target separation 
  • Dual-beam picks up a lot more detail 
  • Provides very detailed sonar images 
  • The Pro+ creates contour maps for you
  • Good battery life of 6 hours 
  • Great value for the quality
  • Best Value For Money Deeper fish finder  


  • Heavy to cast, use 60lb braid or fishing line or it might snap off 
  • More expensive than the Deeper Start

What Is The Difference Between The Deeper Pro and Pro+?

There is one key difference between the Pro and Pro+ which is that the Pro+ will record all the mapping data for you and actually build you a bathymetric map of the areas you are fishing in with GPS. 

This is incredibly useful as you can then review the areas you fished and slowly build a map of a lake for example and then use the GPS to navigate to the best spots. You can even mark good fishing spots, boat ramps, routes, and anything else you might want to note down. 

Overall, both of these units are excellent but the additional benefit of the Pro+ having the GPS and being able to create maps for you is worth the additional cost in my eyes. 

What Is The Difference Between The Deeper Pro/ Pro+ And The Pro+2?

The Deeper Pro+2 has several key improvements over the slightly cheaper Pro/Pro+ fishfinders.

  • Increased min/max scanning depth of 6“-330ft / 15cm-100m vs  19“-260ft / 50cm-80m
  • 100% target separation improvement of 0.4“ / 1cm vs 1”/2.5cm
  • Lighter 3.2oz / 90g vs 3.5oz/100g
  • Three angles (47°, 20°, 7°) vs two angles (55°, 15°)
  • Faster charge capability
  • 9 hr battery life vs 6 hour 

The improved target separation gives a better resolution and clearer visual detail than the Pro and Pro+.

Deeper CHIRP 2 Fish Finder 

The Deeper CHIRP is by far the best portable fish finder in the Deeper Series but it is also the most expensive, as you would expect. 

The Deeper CHIRP does everything the Deeper Pro+ does and more. The key difference is that it uses CHIRP sonar technology which sends out multiple sonar waves across multiple frequencies and beam angles at the same time. 

Low sonar wave frequencies penetrate deep into the water but don’t pick up much detail while high sonar wave frequencies don’t go as deep but pick up a lot of detail. By using 100 kHz, 290 kHz, and 675 kHz sonar waves at the same time, CHIRP picks up all the details from 330 feet down to the surface. 

Overall, the Deeper CHIRP creates a way more detailed sonar image and goes down to deeper depths than all the others, but that is not the only benefit. This model also has an extended battery life of up to 15 hours and it charges much faster, filling the battery in less than 75 minutes. 

This unit also has a built-in GPS and will build maps of the bottom for you, plus you can mark good fishing spots and anything else you want to note down too. 

Overall, it is the best Deeper fish finder in the series but it is the most expensive too! 


Maximum depth: 330 feet

Maximum range: 330 feet

Transducer beam angle: 7, 16, and 47 degrees

Frequency: 100 kHz, 290 kHz, and 675 kHz

Target separation: 0.4”

Battery life: up to 8 hours

Charging time: 75 minutes


  • Multiple beam angles and frequencies 
  • It provides a much more detailed sonar image 
  • Incredible target separation of 0.4 inches 
  • Increased depth range to 330 feet 
  • Longer battery life of 8 hours 
  • Super fast charging time 
  • Built-in GPS 
  • Creates maps for you 
  • Simple to use
  • Best Overall Deeper for professional anglers 


  • More expensive than the others 

What Type Of Fishing Are Deeper Range Fishfinders For?

These Deeper fishfinders can be used for the following type of fishing:

  • Carp and specimen fishing in lakes
  • Fishing from a kayak
  • Fishing in a boat
  • Fishing from the shore
  • Ice fishing

If you are a carp fisherman these fish finders can be used in conjunction with the Nash Bushwacker baiting pole system, as the Nash baiting pole has a designed-in adaptor specifically to hook up the Deeper Pro together with the bait pole.

Which Deeper Fish Finder Should I Buy? 

Choosing the right Deeper fish finder for you comes down to how much detail you want to see on your sonar image, what features you want, and what your budget is like. 

All the units are simple enough to use for a beginner and I would highly recommend ensuring you get the self-mapping feature. Being able to build a bottom contour map of where you fish allows you to plan ahead, mark fishing spots, think about your next move, and so on. 

You go from fishing blind to having a chart of where you are fishing which you can use to focus your fishing time on areas you know the fish will be holding in. 

Therefore, I would recommend the Deeper Pro+ to anyone on a tighter budget and the Deeper CHIRP 2 if your budget allows as it shows amazing detail.

Deeper Fish Finder Accessories

There are several useful and affordable extras you can use with your deeper pro units to enhance their capability and versatility. 

Deeper Smartphone Mount For Fishing Rod 

This Deeper Smartphone mounting bracket allows you to attach your smartphone to your fishing rod handle. Not only do you get a hands-free operation, and an assurance that it is held securely but the key to this great option is it makes the screen easy to view any data whilst you are fishing

It can fit any phone from 9cm up to 13cm and is made from durable silicone. Attaching and removing it is very fast using two rubber elasticated O rings.

Deeper Night Fishing Cover (Orange) 

This is a must-have accessory for use on the deeper series of fish finders. This high visibility cover fits on Deeper 3.0, Deeper PRO, Deeper PRO+, and Deeper CHIRP Smart Sonars. All that’s needed is to unscrew your original black cover and replace it with the orange-colored night cover

I find this night cover perfect for night fishing and also in the late evenings. Its flashing LED light on the top makes it easily visible at long ranges, even with my poor eyesight!

Deeper Flexible Arm Mount 2.0 For Boats & Kayaks

If you are trolling, then the flexible arm is a great addition to your deeper smart fishfinder. This Deeper fish finder bendy arm has a length of 31” and can provide 8” wave adjustment.

All you need to do is position the flexible column so it is semi-submerged in the water, whilst connected to your smartphone. The G clamp fits onto the side of your kayak or boat.

The arm mount is not compatible with the deeper start range.

Deeper Chirp Winter Bundle 

In this special deeper bundle you get the Deeper Chirp Fish Finder, a Stainless Steel Thermos (17oz), Camouflage Neck Gaiter, and Yellow Night Fishing Cover which is suited for foggy and heavy rain fishing.

If you plan to buy the deeper chirp, this offer is an extremely good deal, with over $70 of free add-ons. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas for any fisherman.

Deeper Pro – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Deeper Pro/Chirp2 For Ice Fishing?

Yes, all the deeper pro series and the chirp2 fish finders can be used for ice fishing Only the Deeper Smart Fishfinder START is not compatible with freezing water temperatures.

Does The Deeper Pro Have WiFi?

Yes, all deeper pro series use wifi for positional accuracy and communication.

What Is The Wifi Password On My Deeper Fish Finder?

All deeper series including the pro-family have a factory wifi password setting of 12345678. To enter the password, first open the settings menu on your phone, press wifi, and turn on to yes. Then, when the list of available wifi networks appears, simply click to pair it to your phone. 

Does Deeper Pro Work With Android And iPhone?

Deeper pro will work with any smartphone, providing it has wifi capability. You do not need wifi available at your fishing spot (just a 4g/5g connection), the built-in wifi internal access point will provide the connectivity.

Can I Use Metric & Imperial System On Deeper Fish Finders?

Yes, you can switch between the metric and imperial systems on all the deeper series of fish finders.

Can I Use Deeper Fishfinders In Saltwater?

Yes, the system is fully sealed to prevent any saltwater from entering the insides of the deeper fishfinders.

What Is The Warranty For Deeper Series Fish Finders?

Yes, the standard Deeper series fishfinders are covered by a two-year limited liability warranty from defects in material and workmanship. Only the deeper Chirp2 has the extended 5-year limited warranty.

Beaming Out 

Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it and now know the differences between all the Deeper fish finders so you can make a confident decision about which one is right for you. They are all pretty incredible in my eyes! 

Please share the article with your fishing mates and why not have a look at some of our others? We cover everything you need in fishing from ice fishing to carp fishing and also trout fishing, including where to fish, tactics, baits, and the best fishing gear!

Steve Fitzjohn