Weighing In: Top 7 Carp Fishing Scales For Specimen Anglers

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When you catch a large specimen carp, you will want to weigh it, as catches like this don’t come along often. But not all fishing scales are made equal; some are inaccurate and less reliable than others, and getting the wrong weight or no weight at all for your trophy fish is not an option. 

In this article, we look at some of the best digital and mechanical scales on the market to ensure you have a quality set of fishing scales in your tackle box, ready when you land that fish of a lifetime. 

How To Choose The Right Fishing Scale

When selecting and purchasing a fishing scale, consider the following three key takeaways:

  • Accuracy and Range: Ensure your chosen scale is tested for accuracy and has a suitable weight range for your target fish. Some scales are designed for smaller fish, while others can handle larger catches
  • Durability and Battery Life: Look for scales built to withstand years of use and have a reliable power source. Features like a low battery indicator can prevent unexpected power loss during use
  • Digital vs. Analog: Decide whether you prefer a digital or analog scale based on your needs. Digital scales often offer more features, such as memory to store weight readings, while analogue scales are valued for their simplicity and reliability without the need for batteries

In my years of fishing for carp and other specimen size fish, the following choices have stood out as the best options at different price breaks to suit all anglers.

  • Reuben Heaton Digi Scale – My Best Overall Digital Scales Pick!
  • Reuben Heaton Standard Angling Scale – My Best Overall Mechanical Scales Pick!
  • Fox Digital Scale – My Most Versatile Digital Scales Pick!
  • Saber Digital Folding Scale – My Best Budget Digital Pick!
  • Saber Carp Fishing Dial Scales – My Best Budget Mechanical Pick!
  • Korda Limited Edition Scales – My Best Quality Scales Pick!
  • Avid Digital Scale – My Best Functionality Scale Pick!

Reuben Heaton Digi Scale – My Best Overall Digital Scales Pick!

In my experience, the best carp fishing scale on the market is the Reuben Heaton Digi Scale. This quality digital scale is reliable, accurate, easy to use, and affordable. 

What I love about these scales is how small they are, which means you can easily slip them into your pocket, tackle box, or bag. 

They have a maximum weight of 55 lbs, which will weigh all your fish easily unless you catch a fish of a lifetime. It weighs in both lbs and kgs, down to an ounce or 1/4kg of accuracy, plus it has an overload protection mechanism so it doesn’t break. 

It is super easy to use with just two buttons, allowing you to switch between the units and to zero the scale. It will zero up to 15% of its max weight, so you can easily zero a heavy fish sling or a landing net. 

The digital screen is backlit, so you can easily get accurate measurements in all light conditions. Plus, it is super durable and long-lasting, too. 


  • Small, light, and easy to slip into a bag/box
  • Come with a protective pouch 
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Very accurate 
  • Have an overload protection mechanism 
  • You can zero up to 15% of the max weight 
  • A solid max weight measurement of 55 lbs 
  • Durable and long-lasting 


  • It has a limit of 55 lbs 


  • Max Weight: 55 lbs 
  • Units Avail.: Lbs/KGs
  • Accuracy: 1 oz or 25 grams 
  • Zero Facility: Yes – 15%

Reuben Heaton Standard Angling Scale – My Best Overall Mechanical Scales Pick!

Many carp anglers don’t trust digital scales, whether it’s just because of the technology or because they prefer to see a hand moving around the dial. 

Fortunately, Reuben Heaton has an option for both. The Reuben Heaton Standard Angling Scale, in my opinion, is the best manufacturer of fishing scales and receives my personal choice for mechanical dial scales as well as digital!

These are the best-in-class scales if you are a serious carp angler or any other specimen fish angler.


  • “Negative look” high visibility dials
  • Highly corrosion-resistant interiors
  • Large tare/zero facility to 15% of capacity
  • Full overload protection
  • Comprehensive aftersales servicing & calibration facilities
  • Very accurate 
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Rugged polycarbonate body and lens
  • Stainless steel hook and hang point
  • Single-revolution, easy-to-read dial
  • Generous tare/zero range


  • Does Not Include a protective pouch 


  • Max Weight: 220 lbs 
  • Units Avail.: Lbs/KGs
  • Accuracy: 1 oz or 25 grams 
  • Zero Facility: Yes – 15%

Model Options


Metric Only

  • 4027/200 – 27kg x 100g
  • 4054/200 – 54kg x 200g
  • 4100/200 – 100kg x 500g

Imperial Only

  • 4060/100 – 60lb x 2oz

Fox Digital Scale – My Most Versatile Digital Scales Pick!

The Fox Digital Scale is another great carp scale, and it is the best one around regarding versatility. This scale weighs up to 132 lbs in both lbs and kgs, zeros at the press of a button, and you can string it up on a hook or use your hands for smaller fish. 

The stainless steel hook is oversized so you can slip it under any size landing net or fish mat, plus since it goes to 132 lbs, you can weigh the biggest carp around with ease. 

This is a digital scale that weighs down to one ounce or 25 grams accuracy and also features a backlight so you can see your fish weights no matter what the light conditions are like. 

It is a particularly easy scale to use as it comes with just two buttons, one for on and off, the other for zeroing and changing the units. The scale also has a great battery life and runs on 2 x AA batteries, so you can easily swap them out. 

You can also expect the Fox Digital to last as it is durable and comes in its own protective case. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it looks slightly unattractive. 


  • Can weigh huge fish up to 132 lbs 
  • Solid battery life 
  • Backlit for low light conditions 
  • Oversized hook for easy weighing 
  • Super accurate and reliable 
  • It comes with a protective case 
  • Very easy to use 
  • Zeroing large nets 


  • It is not very stylish-looking 


  • Max Weight: 132 lbs 
  • Units Avail.: lbs/kgs 
  • Accuracy: 1 oz / 25 grams 
  • Zero Facility: Yes 

Saber Digital Folding Scale – My Best Budget Digital Pick!

If you are shopping for a good carp scale on a budget, then the Saber Digital Folding Scale is probably the one for you as it is super affordable and reliable. 

This digital scale comes with a backlight so you can weigh in all light conditions. What sets it apart from others is that it comes with two strong handles and a top eye, so you can easily hold the scale with your hands or clip it up and hang it to weigh a fish. This makes lakeside weighing very easy. 

It weighs in both lbs and kgs and down to an excellent accuracy of 1 ounce. The scale has just three buttons, including a zero, units, and an on/off button, so it couldn’t be simpler to use. 

The Saber digital runs on 2 x AAA batteries, the battery life is solid, and it features a compact design for portability, although it is a bit bigger than some of the other scales we have featured in this article. 


  • Arms for holding it up with your hands
  • Folds down for compact storage 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Super affordable 
  • Easy to use 
  • Backlit for low light conditions 
  • Good battery life 


  • Bigger than other weighing scales 


  • Max Weight: 110 lbs 
  • Units Avail.: lbs/kgs 
  • Accuracy: 1 oz 
  • Zero Facility: Yes 

Saber Carp Fishing Dial Scales – My Best Budget Mechanical Pick!

Saber also provides a dial mechanical option for fishing scales, which is my best choice for those on a budget. These affordable scales are ideal for the carp fishing beginner, and the Saber carp fishing scales are robust and have accurate dial scales.

They come with strong metal fittings, provide an accurate measurement, and have an easy zeroing thumbwheel adjustment. One feature I like on these scales is the large fluorescent pointer, which is easy to read for those whose eyesight is not the greatest!

They can measure up to a maximum of 27kg/60lb with 8oz intervals. Weighing and hanging hooks are included, but no carrying pouch is included. However, it can be ordered separately at an additional cost. 


  • Excellent entry-level carp fishing scales
  • Great fluorescent needle feature 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Super affordable 
  • Easy to use 


  • Can fog up in colder weather
  • No carrying case


  • Max Weight: 60 lbs 
  • Units Avail.: lbs/kgs 
  • Accuracy: 2 oz 
  • Zero Facility: Yes 

Korda Limited Edition Scales – My Best Quality Scales Pick!

The Korda Limited Edition Scales have an attractive “carpy” green shell. Korda is a trusted brand name in carp fishing circles, and these scales are a great option compared to the Reuben Heatons. The main advantage is that these scales do not require batteries, so you will never be caught short when weighing a fish, and you’ll save some cash on batteries, too. 

These scales weigh to a maximum of 120 lbs, and it has a scale in both kgs and lbs, too. However, the scale is not as accurate as a digital scale as the increments go up to 4 ounces at a time instead of one ounce like the digital scale. The 60lbs version has a 2oz increment.

The needle on the scales also comes with a high-vis green tip so that you can weigh your fish in low-light conditions with ease, too. You’ll also find that the scales are hard to hold at the top since they only have one small eye, so you will need to place them onto another hook to weigh any large fish. 

However, the Korda limited edition is built to the highest quality; therefore, their durability is excellent, and you will probably never need to replace them. 


  • Super durable and long-lasting 
  • No batteries required 
  • Awesome max weight of 120 lbs 
  • High vis green tip for low light weighing 
  • Affordable for the quality 


  • Not easy to hold yourself 
  • No zero button 


  • Max Weight: 60/120 lbs 
  • Units Avail.: lbs/kgs 
  • Accuracy: 2/4 oz 
  • Zero Facility: Yes 

Avid Digital Scale – My Best Functionality Scale Pick!

The last of the scales we will look at is the Avid Digital Scale. This scale has been designed to make weighing fish about as easy as possible, and here is how. 

The scales feature fold-out arms that allow you to hold the scale while you easily weigh a fish rather than holding on to the eye on the top of the scale. The arms also fold back in, making the scales super compact and easy to transport. 

This scale can read up to a maximum weight of 132 lbs so that you can weigh any huge fish specimen. The zero function will ensure the weight is taken accurately and with an accuracy down to 1 ounce or 25 grams, so you can be sure the weight will be correct. 

This is a straightforward scale to use, and it has some super useful functions like the hold button, which makes weighing easier when the fish is shaking, or your hands are shaking under the weight. 


  • Come with arms to hold so you can weigh fish easily 
  • Arms fold in for a compact design 
  • Digital scales with a backlight for nighttime weighing 
  • Excellent accuracy down to 1 ounce 
  • Durable build that lasts 
  • Good battery life 
  • Super easy to use 
  • It comes with a neoprene case 
  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Low battery indicator 


  • None I can find 


  • Max Weight: 132 lbs 
  • Units Avail.: lbs/kgs 
  • Accuracy: 1 oz 
  • Zero Facility: Yes 

Carp Fishing Scales Frequently Asked Questions

Digital vs Mechanical Scales?

Anglers have debated digital compared with mechanical scales for many years, but it comes down to personal preference. Most specimen carp anglers prefer to look at the dial on the mechanical scales, but most others prefer the digital version as it’s faster to use and read.

How To Protect Your Fishing Scales?

Water and batteries don’t mix well, so when using digital scales, always keep them as dry as possible and wipe them down with a clean towel afterward. The mechanical scale glass or perspex dial face is prone to cracking if dropped. Make sure you handle them with care to prolong their lifetime.

Always store both scale types in a pouch or holder for protection wherever possible.

What Are The Best Fishing Scales?

Most serious carp anglers would choose the Reuben Heaton scales. However, anglers worldwide use different fishing scales due to their catch size and the species.

How Accurate Are Fishing Scales?

All fishing scales have some variation due to the quality of their construction. If you are concerned about accuracy, always buy the best quality options from companies such as Reuben Heaton, Korda, or Fox. Budget fishing scales will not be as accurate.

How Do I Calibrate My Fishing Scales?

The easiest and fastest way to calibrate your fishing scales is to attach a known 2 lb and 10 lb weight to a length of fishing line. Removing and repeating this process will give you confidence they are as per the manufacturers’ specifications.

Good quality scales can usually be returned to the manufacturer for accredited calibration.

How Do I Zero My Fishing Scales?

When using digital scales, you can press the zero button on the unit with your fish net attached to the end. If you are using a dial or mechanical scales, then you should adjust the thumbwheel on the scales and check with your eyes that the needle is level with the zero on the dial.

Weighing Up 

Thanks very much for reading my article; I hope you enjoyed it and found the best carp scale for your needs. Remember, it is all about ensuring you can get accurate measurements quickly and easily so the fish can be released back into the water quickly. 

If you are looking for a selection of budget-friendly fishing scales, check out my article on general-use fishing weighing scales, which are perfect for beginners.

Also, please look at some of our many carp-related articles, such as choosing the best carp bivvies and awesome picks for the best carp unhooking mats. 

Steve Fitzjohn